Author: Mitch   Date Posted:16 December 2015 

With Christmas almost upon us here are our reccomended shipping cutoff dates for express shipping. Standard shipping may still get to you but is not guaranteed. Check out the schedule below and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

If you're a Brisbane local then never fear, we've extended our opening hours for the last few nights next week. We'll be open until 8pm on Tuesdsay, Wednesday and Thursday nights to make your Christmas BMX shopping a breeze.



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i think it would be

19 February 2016
i think it would be a smart move if someone cretead a quality track pedal specific pedal strap. i guess there are powergrips, but i hear those arn't that great. feetbelts are basically the same thing. Holdfasts are designed for flat pedals but actually work on generic track pedals. i dunno, seems like the pedal strap market is very BMX/flat pedal-centric. and i know a ton of fixed gear riders that want strap foot retention instead of the traditional clips/cages/strap, but dont want to run those super wide bmx pedals.

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