Team- Alex Hiam

Date Posted:5 May 2020 


Alex Hiam 

Photo by James Hornsby


Where did you come from?

Cleveland- Brisbane Australia BAYSIDE. 

How old are you?


Which BMX rider (dead or alive) do you admire the most? 

That’s a super hard question to answer, I’d say Dave Mirra because he inspired me so much seeing his double backflip video. 

Best Country or city or town you have traveled to? 

Estonia in the summertime, It’s so laid back, full of history which blew my mind…. They speak great English and the city is small But beautiful … So much character. It reminded me of a mystical fairyland… 


Alex with a 270 tabletop for Mikey Moore. 


The craziest BMX story (riding/party/anything)?  

I Have so many crazy stories from BMX…. Like crazy near-death experiences, crazy Funny times, Crazy random encounters with randoms whilst riding.

If you didn't ride what would you be doing?

I would probably be Mixing Some Tasty smoothies at boost juice or something, Boxing- Moto GP or a notorious street fighter

 Do you have a day job? 

Not permanently, I have always picked up some sort of work on the side like Labouring, Cafe work that my friends have lined up ..Thankyou !!! 

If you had to choose one place to ride for the rest of the time, where would it be? 

Camp Woodward, there’s loads of option there it’s almost hard to get bored haha

Best BMX moment you have had on your bike? 

Going on my first independent road trip with Boyd n David in my car when I first got my license. 

If you could do one trick only for the rest of the time, what would it be?


Photo by Jerard Vandervalk


If you had to listen to 3 albums for the rest of your life what would the soundtrack be?

Mac Miller- circles, Kendrick Lamar- good kid mad city, Joey Bada$$ -AABA. 

What’s the most influential BMX DVD you have watched?’

Drop the Hammer, I specifically remember Mirra and GUettlers section or EndSearch. 

What was your favorite section on that DVD?


Finally, Did you ever think picking up that bike all those years ago would have turned into a life long obsession? 

No, But I dreamt it would be 


Thank you to anyone that Rides BMX, and makes it what it is today…. I’m forever grateful for all the good times, memories and mates I have made from it. Thank you to my sponsors, Colony BMX Brand, VANS, LUX BMX STORE, Skullcandy, City Cave, and Fist Handwear. Thank you to Richard Crossley, Miklav and Clint Millar, Jerry Badders,  Ryan Guettler, all the homies I grew up riding with that Drove me around, MY sisters, My mum, and dad. 

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