26 Inch

26" bikes are built for being the best of both worlds. Just the right amount of manuverability matched with a big wheels gives these bikes a uniquely comfortable yet agile feel! A fun and practical city bike that can also destroy the outback roads! LUXBMX carries Australia's biggest range of Freestyle & Race BMX Bikes, we stock all brands and models that we believe in, and truly stand by every Bike you see listed.  We have Bikes available for every budget, and be sure to reach out if you need any further expert advice...

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Rider height and weight also plays a big part in choosing your perfect ride. Bikes of different levels are designed with a range of geometries to suit riders of all heights and sizes. While there’s no set rule on what sized bike you should ride (in the end it’s all about personal preference) we created a rough guide for which bike you you should feel most comfortable on.