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LUXBMX stocks a huge range of the leading BMX brands, making a custom is easy with LUXBMX. Put together by our expert mechanic team you'll be riding your new custom BMX bike into time. Want to create your own Custom Bike? Go a head, Save 10% with code LUXCUSTOM off your dream build when you have all the required parts in your cart!


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The feeling of getting a new custom BMX bike is something that only BMX riders can associate with. From the shiny paint to the smell of the new rubber and waxy feeling of the gips, a new custom is something pretty special. From the smallest details to the frame, LUX knows that each and every part is important and no detail should be left. Spending the time building up a new bike should be something that all BMX riders treasure. Getting the right setup for your style of riding isn’t something that should be taken lightly and thankfully with LUXBMX that part is up to you with expert advice from our friendly staff. LUXBMX makes life a little easier giving you the option to build your dream bike from the comfort of your phone, tablet or computer. If you're one of those riders that still love stopping in the store and picking out your parts, then we can do that too!  


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Want to think a little less? try our pro bike builders here!


LUXBMX offers a huge array of parts from the best, most trusted BMX brands.  Choose from over 10,000+ products to get your bike exactly as you want it, the right bike will help you ride the way you want. A street riders’ setup will be drastically different from a park riders bike and subsequently, a trail riders bike will be different again. The bottom line is, all riders like their bike set up for them! Here at LUXBMX we understand that all riders are different and that's why we offer what you want. 

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From the tyres up, your Custom BMX Bike will be built by our professional mechanics, ensuring all bikes leave our workshop ready to shred. No loose stem bolts, no squishy brakes, and no flat tyres! Regardless if you are a 10-year-old first-timer or a 30+-year-old BMX veteran, getting your bike together properly is not only for how it feels when you ride, but a safety concern as well. Ever dropped in and had your bars move? What about done a feeble and had your chain loosen up? LUXBMX can sort all these problems out before they become a problem, leaving you more time to get out and ride your new custom BMX bike. 


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Living in the internet age, access to BMX bikes is at our fingertips, however, quality can easily be compromised. Shopping with LUXBMX guarantees quality from professional BMX riders, and industry persons alike. The best part about all of this is that LUXBMX won’t only build your bike exactly the way you want, but we can also get it to your door for free! (for Australian customers only) That's right if you live remote or are time poor (like a lot of us) we can have your custom build, built and delivered to your door. No extra costs, no extended waiting times, just ask and you shall receive.                                                                                                                                         


So the next time you're thinking of building up a new custom BMX bike and don’t know where to start, try LUXBMX’s custom Bike builder tool. Shop with confidence knowing that your bike has been built and set up by BMX riders. Setting up everything just way you want is what we pride ourselves on. The free shipping seals the deal and will get your little box full of radness straight to your front door ready to shred!