For riders of all sorts BMX pegs offer a whole new platform to learn tricks on. Whether you're out there grinding on your Plastic sleeves or stalling a sub rail on your old set of steel pegs LUX BMX Stocks a huge range of the best brands in BMX.

BMX pegs are typically made from Alloy or chromoly (chromium-molybdenum) steel. Alloy pegs are lightweight and durable, but may not be as strong as steel pegs. Chromoly steel pegs are stronger and more durable than Alloy, but are also heavier. 

Plastic BMX pegs are a more common material choice for pegs nowadays. They are not as durable as aluminum or steel, however they slide much better when grinding on a variety of surfaces. They are typically made from a type of plastic that is known for its impact resistance, strength and slideability. Plastic BMX pegs are also lightweight, making them a great option for riders who prioritize weight savings. They may not hold up as well to the wear and tear of BMX riding, especially when compared to aluminum or steel pegs but They still hold up fairly well. When you burn through a sleeve you can just get a replacement plastic BMX peg sleeve for the peg to get it up and running again. You can opt for an alloy or a chromoly core on Plastic BMX Pegs depending on whether you want to save weight or want more strength.

Pegs come in 2 Sizes:

  • 10mm
  • 14mm

With some 14mm pegs an adaptor is included so that you can run it as either a 10mm or a 14mm. Check the listing or give us a shout if you are unsure about anything BMX peg related.

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