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BMX pump tracks are increasing in popularity and improving in quality the world over, so why not make the most of your experience with a BMX pump bike from the experts at LUXBMX. BMX pump track bikes are the perfect way to develop your skills as a BMX rider, learn new ones, engage in physical activity, meet new friends and to top it all off, the whole family can enjoy the thrill of flowing around a pump BMX track. Regardless of your skill level, budget or motivation, LUXBMX is here to help you and your family experience the joy of BMX with the biggest range of BMX pump track bikes, parts and accessories as well as unmatched customer service. 


You might be lucky enough to live in a community which offers a BMX pump track, facilities of which are becoming more and more popular the world over. As a low maintenance facility which is able to be integrated within an existing recreational park, a BMX pump track offers a great alternative to a BMX race track, dirt jumps or a skatepark. The best BMX bike for a pump track is generally one that is well suited to the rider through apt geometry as well as being as rigid as possible to harness speed. As a relatively new style of BMX facility, it can be confusing as to what is the best BMX for a pump track. Avoid wasting time and money and head straight to LUXBMX, our staff take pride in providing the best service in the game, and with an 18-strong crew boasting a combined 350 years of experience, the team live and breathe BMX. 

Our selection of BMX pump track bikes are guaranteed to meet all the requirements of which a BMX pump track demands, including being lightweight, durable, aesthetically pleasing and flexible to a range of budgets. The LUXBMX staff often spend evenings and weekends at a range of pump BMX tracks in the greater Brisbane region, and as a result, have a direct and intimate understanding of what’s involved in riding a BMX bike pump track. This means that the service we can provide will be as tailored and authentic as possible and as a result, you and your family will be supported by the best BMX pump bike available. 

As a business dedicated to providing a premium BMX service with a keen attention to detail, LUXBMX offers a massive range of the best BMX bike for a pump track, including access to a selection of the highest quality brands. With bikes available from 12 inch, up to 29 inch, the whole family can hit the local BMX pump track and shred until the sun sets. Take the Wethepeople ‘Atlas’ 24-inch cruiser, a style well suited to the BMX pump track as a mid-way between a BMX bike and a race bike

LUXBMX also offers a huge range of parts, accessories and protective gear from helmets, gloves, pads to race wear and goggles. Through our own BMX experience, we know and understand the best quality products on the market and don’t stock anything we wouldn’t personally certify. Our range of pump track BMX bikes are not only the sickest options available, they’re also designed for safety. At LUXBMX, we think staying healthy is just as important as looking fresh. 

Lastly, don’t forget that our selection of BMX pump track bikes and protective gear may also find its way to our clearance BMX sale section. We’re constantly updating our range which means the sale page of our BMX shop online is equally refreshed with both quality and affordable selections. 

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