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Check out the massive range of BMX race bikes at LUXBMX and take your first step to entering the exhilarating and fast paced world of BMX racing. For fans of high speed, a taste for dirt and a dynamic sense of individuality, BMX racing satisfies the appetite of those looking for something extreme, a family friendly community or a medium to improve exercise, creativity and joy. Irrespective of your ability or motivation, LUXBMX can provide you with the biggest selection of BMX race bikes, race parts and race training equipment as well as unmatched customer service. 

While LUXBMX prides itself on being Australia’s biggest and best BMX bike shop, the staff at LUXBMX are perhaps even more proud of providing the most down-to-earth and knowledgeable customer service in the game. With an 18 strong crew boasting a combined 350 years of BMX experience, the team at LUXBMX live and breathe Australian BMX. This includes our head of BMX race, Bruce Morris, who has spent almost every waking moment since the early 1980s dedicating sweat and passion to experiencing and building the race BMX community in South East QLD and Australia more broadly. 

Shop with the BMX experts, we know race bikes in Australia! Specifically designed for achieving the fastest speeds and manoeuvring the toughest rhythm sections. Choose the finest steed for your BMX race bike needs, from compact and lightweight to stiff and strong, LUXBMX has all your angles covered and can help to inspire an improved training performance, a podium finish or a personal best lap. If you’re banging bars with the fastest racers around or simply looking to enjoy the many sensations of flowing a race track, regardless of your scenario LUXBMX should be your first port of call. 

The range of BMX race bikes in Australia that LUXBMX offers includes something for all ages and abilities, from 18 and 20 inch kids bikes through all variations of expert and professional bikes to a selection of 24 inch cruisers. Choose from both well established and emerging brands such as SE and DK through to Chase and Meybo, the BMX race bike range at LUXBMX comprises the fastest and sleekest bikes on offer. 

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LUXBMX also offers a massive selection of accessories, protective gear, race training equipment and race specific BMX wear, including helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, shin pads, goggles and jerseys. Through personal experience and a bent for integrity, the LUXBMX staff are across the best quality products on the race BMX market and only offer that which we personally certify. Kit yourself out with the latest and greatest BMX race wear to look as sharp as possible (including LUX branded race wear), including important components designed to improve your safety and thus keep you rolling for as long as possible. 

Lastly, don’t forget our selection of race BMX goods on sale found in our clearance BMX section. We’re constantly updating our range which means the sale page of our online BMX shop is consistently renewed with both quality and reasonably priced selections.