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Channel the nostalgia of 80s culture with a retro style BMX! Vintage BMX bicycles are the essence of cool, with a design reflective of the early trademarks of BMX from west coast America, however improved by modern materials and geometry. LUXBMX carries Australia's biggest range of BMX bikes retro and vintage. We stock the most trusted brands including Skyway BMX, HARO, SE Bikes, S&M Bikes and many more. Offering a selection of bikes to suit any budget, as well as free shipping on all bikes ordered Australia wide, LUXBMX is your one-stop-shop for complete retro BMX and vintage BMX bicycles online.


You may recall cultural icons such as E.T. and Nicole Kidman playing ‘Judy’ in BMX bandits, both sporting the raddest bikes which continue to permeate modern society. A retro BMX works to transport you back to this era without the overly heavy build and the outdated geometry although fully kitted out with the retro graphics and vintage style parts designs reflective of the formative era in the history of BMX. It is for this reason that retro style BMX bikes are more popular than ever, increasingly comfortable, stylish and robust. 

You may be thinking, well where do I start and what do I look for in choosing the best vintage BMX bikes? As a modern take on a bike from a now bygone era, you may be concerned about contemporary knowledge of a retro BMX. Put all your worries at ease, avoid wasting time and money and head straight to LUXBMX. Our selection of vintage BMX bicycles are guaranteed to meet all your needs, be it durability, a lightweight build, robustness to tackle a selection of terrains and the flexibility to suit a range of budgets. Further, our staff take pride in providing the best service in the game, and with an 18 strong crew boasting a combined 350 years of experience, the team live and breathe BMX. 

There are a range of different styles of BMX vintage bikes for sale as part of the LUXBMX range, including 20 inch BMX bikes, cruiser style 24 inch BMX bikes, 29 inch legend bikes and more. Designed for teenagers, women and old boys, the massive range of retro style BMX bikes includes access to high quality, premium brands carefully selected by the LUXBMX crew. For example, take the timeless Skyway BMX TA 20 inch Pro build - a replica of one of the most iconic BMX bikes to ever grace the planet. Or perhaps the HARO ‘Lineage Air Master’ 26 inch is more your thing, offering retro DNA built into a contemporary design with modern technology, this bad boy will blast you right back to the past - Wait, it's now sold out! We should mention, if you're looking to get a Retro or Vintage bike that is currently available, think about buying it sooner rather than later, these bikes sell through fast! 

LUXBMX also offers a huge range of parts, accessories and protective gear from helmets, gloves, pads to race wear and goggles. Through our own BMX experience, we know and understand the best quality products on the market and don’t stock anything we wouldn’t personally certify. Our range of BMX bikes retro & vintage are not only the coolest options available, they’re also manufactured with safety in mind. 

Lastly, don’t forget our selection of retro BMX bikes and protective gear may also find its way to our clearance BMX parts section. We’re constantly updating our range which means the sale page of our BMX shop online is equally refreshed with both quality and affordable selections. 

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