Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 27 July 2018  


LUXBMX is proud to announce the addition of North Queensland shredder Jake Norris (insta: @jakenorris_) to the stacked LUXBMX team. Jake is one of the most talented people we've met, on and off the bike and we're stoked to welcome him as part of the family! Filmed and edited by Tim Storey.



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Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 20 July 2018  

LUXBMX's order packer extraordinaire Brock Olive just dropped a new video for his sponsor Kink BMX with his signature burly, technical street style. Filmed and edited by Tim Storey. Check it out and be sure to say g'day to Brock next time you're in store!



Author: Ross Lavender   Date Posted: 5 July 2018  

In today’s world of instantaneous web edits, high-quality video productions, and smartphone clips; documenting BMX in Australia has never been easier. The technology to make a BMX video is easily accessible, it’s easy to use and there are multiple platforms to get your finished product out to the world within seconds. If you were to go back 25 or 30 years, simply making your own video was an absolute mission and that’s without trying to get it out to the masses. 

With so many of Australian early BMX videos unavailable to today’s audience, Unscene History has teamed up with LUX BMX to host some regular video nights to screen a selection of Australian BMX videos from the past four decades.

First up we have a real treat:

In 1993, Wynnum rider Bobby Herbohn created one of Brisbane’s first fully edited BMX videos – Sex Drugs and Rock n Rolls (SDRR). During 1992 Bobby started filming the local comps and riding sessions with his close friends. These sessions included some members of Brick on a String Posse (BOASP) – Clint Millar (Colony BMX), Michael Canfield (Drain Kids), Fakie (Session ‘zine), Red and Bobby Herbohn - a group of teenage riders from Brisbane’s bayside. With the help of Bobby’s housemate, Fakie – they spent months editing footage, crafting quirky titles and overlaying a solid soundtrack.  


SDRR is an honest insight into Australian freestyle of the early 90s. It was an interesting time to be on a bike. The BMX recession had hit Australia and many riders had faded away (though the dedicated were still hanging in there) and the scene shed its neon skin as freestyle moved towards the underground. The shedding of skin was mostly influenced by the first wave of street riders who carried this new style of riding and attitude from the late 80s into the new era of 90s freestyle. 

This style of street riding was unlike what it is today. It was without direction or consciousness and it just wanted to revolt against whatever freestyle or BMX was doing at the time. The culture of street ultimately turned freestyle on its head. Although the tricks are primitive by today’s standards, the aesthetic and attitude was raw and honest and it the backbone needed to keep freestyle alive. While todays view on the ‘old school’ BMX era paints a broad, glossy and almost tacky picture of 80s freestyle, SDRR captures the real soul of what early 90s freestyle was about. 


But this video is not all about street. Where most riders today focus on one style of riding, SDRR shows that many riders rode a number of riding styles. A great example of this is Clint Millar’s (Colony BMX) section. Most people today relate Clint to his incredible mini ramp skills, but back in the late 80s and early 90s Clint was an up and coming flatlander, climbing the flatland competition ladder with his ridiculously consistent and technical flatland combos. In SDRR we see Clint rides more street and flatland than ramp, which I think will be a refreshing to anyone more familiar to his riding today.  

SDRR also features all round sections from Michael Canfield (Drain Kids) and the man behind SDRR, Bobby Herbohn. To gain a deeper understanding of Michael and Bobby’s riding is to go back further into their riding roots to what I consider the real ‘Prody’ era. Michael, Bobby, and Clint went to high school together in the late 80’s and spent almost every waking moment riding in their own mini scene -  riding everything they could find, doing shows, building ramps, and ultimately becoming mainstays in the freestyle community. It was those three that coined the term ‘Prody’, a word that has since gained an international following thanks to Colony BMX’s staple frame of the same name. Many of the older riders will know about the Prody videos made my Clint throughout the mid and late 90s and the original mid-90s Prody frames; but SDRR is actually the very first project under the “Prody Productions” banner.


When SDRR was completed, the only VHS tape made was shared amongst friends and never really reached the broader BMX community. Not long after the video was made the Drain Kids got hold of the tape and it has since been said SDRR was as part of their early riding inspiration. As the 90s kicked on, the SDRR VHS tape disappeared until it was found in Red’s possession back in 2013. Around that same time Bobby pulled out the original footage and master tapes. The SDRR VHS is now safely stored in the Unscene Archives.

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Rolls” kicks off on 20th July, 7PM at LUXBMX in West End. So whether you’re young or old, interested in BMX, or bored on a Friday night, come down and hang out with some of the crew and check out some early 90s BMX goodness.



Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 8 June 2018  

Ozone BMX Frame

30 years difference in BMX frame technology. The 2018 Colony Oz-One next to a 1988 Ozone Method Air.


Australia's own Colony BMX has built a bit of reputation for releasing some killer retro-inspired reissue frames but this latest offering has really knocked it out of the park. The Colony Oz-One frame pays homage to the Ozone Method Series BMX frames from the late eighties with a few modern tweaks to make it a functional frame for BMX riding.

Ross from Unscene History was kind enough to write a few words about the release for us as well as loaning us an original Ozone frame from the Unscene BMX archives.


"With the increased popularity of 80s and 90s retro frames, Colony BMX has announced a limited edition frame inspired by one of freestyle’s great, yet short-lived, brands Ozone.

As street riding began to take hold of freestyle in the late 80s, Ozone and their groundbreaking team of street riders and flatlanders were at the forefront of a new expressive style of riding, persona and aesthetic; rattling the bones of traditional freestyle. As Alan Brown, the owner for Ozone, said, “Ozone became the haven for the hardcore and the disenfranchised”.

In 1988 Ozone released two frames, a complete bike, and range of parts. The Method 01 the Method Air frames were available in chrome / white and chrome / black colourways with some iconic artwork that would hold todays BMX designers at ransom.

Despite Ozone being a brand for the ‘real’ rider, the company only lasted a year or so due to “lack of interest”. The reality was that many riders wanted an Ozone, however due to low production numbers and the recession of BMX looming in the late 80s; many riders simply couldn’t get their hands on one.  In Australia, we saw less than 10 frames and completes reach our shores during the late 80s and early 90s. If you owned an Ozone in Australia, you were considered one of the lucky ones.

Colony BMX owner Clint Millar was one of those riders who wasn’t able to own an Ozone and hence the Colony Oz-One was born. The Oz-One captures the essence of what was great about the Method frames - the twin top tube, the unique seat stay supports, two-tone paint finish, and iconic 80s decal art. While most people see the connection between the Ozone and the Oz-One, it should be noted that this bike is not a replica or an exact modernised version of the Ozone.

The Colony Oz-One is perfect for that 80s or 90s rider that wants a functional frame designed for today’s riding, or the collector that wants something reminiscent to a great era of freestyle. There has also been some strong interest from today’s generation who are embracing twin top as something different from most frames currently available on the market." - Ross Lavender, Unscene History


These will be available in October and pre-orders are open now. We have one of the sample Colony Oz-One frames in store to check out in the meantime. The hype behind these has been crazy so if you're set on one we suggest reserving yours now. Preorders can be made with a non-refundable $50 deposit at this link.


Colony Ozone Frame AustraliaColony Ozone BMX Frame

Headtube and rear stay details of the Colony Oz-One frame.

Ozone Double Top Tube Frame

The new Oz-One features a modern integrated headset.

Ozone Reissue FrameBuy Colony Oz-One Frame Australia

The new Colony Oz-One frame features the unmistakable double top tube design of the Ozone for the old school BMX aesthetic.

Colony Oz One Frame Free Shipping

The Colony Ozone frame comes in a chrome-plated finish with white paint over the top to complete the retro look.

Colony Oz-One Frame Best PriceColony Oz One Frame Brisbane

The original Ozone BMX frames featured brake mounts below the chainstays, pretty rad but not really functional. The new Colony Oz-One features welded chainstay mounts.

Oz One Method Frame 1988

Ross Lavender's original 1988 Ozone Method Air frame in all of it's glory.

Ozone BMX frame by ColonyOzone Old School BMX

The Colony Ozone frame features modern BMX dropouts to prevent hanging up on grinds and stalls.



Pre-order now for October 2018 release.


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 30 May 2018  

Boyd's frame promo has dropped! Boyd went in hard for this so sit back, relax and get ready to catch your jaw.

Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 22 May 2018  

Check out this rad new edit at Coorparoo Skatepark by Dylan Steinhart featuring team riders Boyd Hilder, Denby Chandler and Brock Olive as well as Jaak Bailey and an injured Tim Storey.


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 29 March 2018  

They're back! Our annual Easter Bunny hunt has returned for 2018. After a science experiment gone wrong, a bunch of our team have sprouted bunny ears and escaped amongst the website. It's your job to hunt them down! Whoever can find the most of these abominations will win $300 in online credit! Two runners-up will receive $100 each.

To reward everyone for their efforts, anyone who finds 4 or more bunnies will get an epic, one use coupon code!

To enter simply send us an email with links to the pages you've found them on to Promo codes will be sent out when we return on Tuesday.


  • Bunnies have been released onto the website now!
  • Entries close Monday night at 11:59pm sharp.
  • Whoever finds the most bunnies will be the winner.
  • If there's a tie the person who emailed in first will be the winner. 
  • There is no limit on how many times you can enter, if you find more bunnies after you email you can send another email.
  • The bunnies in the banner on this page are not counted.
  • Please don't actually hurt the bunnies!

Good luck!

*Please note: The store is shut for the Easter long weekend. We'll be back on Tuesday the 3rd of April!


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 29 March 2018  

We’re closing up shop for the Easter long weekend. If you need anything drop in today by 5pm. All orders placed after cutoff today Thursday will be sent when we reopen on Tuesday. We hope everyone has a killer weekend!


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 27 March 2018  


You know when Alex Hiam and John Young get together the result is going to be magic. This is all filmed in one session of Alex's first roll at the new Sydenham Green Skatepark in Sydney.


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 20 February 2018  


If you haven't seen Alex Hiam's new Colony BMX edit you're absolutely blowing it! Stop what you're doing, hit play then afterward check out Alex's favourite products here.


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 1 February 2018  

Wethepeople Australia rider Pat Johns set up a fresh new build the other day full of Wethepeople and Eclat radness! Read on for the build list.

Pat Johns Bike Check

Frame: Wethepeople Awake 21.1
Fork: Eclat Storm 25
Bars: Eclat Olive Bars
Headset: Wethepeople Compact
Stem: Wethepeople Hydra
Grips: Eclat Pulsar Grips
Cranks:  Eclat Spire Cranks
Sprocket: Eclat AK Guard Sprocket
BB: Wethepeople Compact
Chain: Shadow Supreme Chain
Pedals: Eclat Contra Pedals
Seat: Wethepeople Team Tripod
Post: Eclat Tripod
Front Rim: Eclat Bondi V2 Rim
Front Hub: Eclat Cortex Front Hub
Front Tyre: Tioga Spectr 2.4
Rear Rim: Eclat Bondi V2 Rim
Rear Hub: Eclat Cortex Freecoaster
​Rear Tyre: Tioga Spectr 2.4
Pegs: Eclat Venom x 4


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 29 December 2017  


That's a wrap! After the store closes at 3pm tomorr we're shut up for the year and are taking a hard earned break until the 8th of January.


While we're away we're offering 15% off the entire online store. Anything ordered during this time will be dispatched when we get back on the 8th of January with a complimentary upgrade to express shipping (if it's not a bike or bulky item.)


Thanks for all the support over the year. It's been a ripper!


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 21 December 2017  

Are we this close to Christmas already? What a crazy year! Below are our opening hours over the Christmas/New Year break.

Holiday Opening Hours

Friday 22nd December - 9am-5pm
Saturday 23rd December - 10am-3pm
Sunday 24th December - CLOSED
Monday 25th December - CLOSED
Tuesday 26th December - CLOSED
Wednesday 27th December - CLOSED
Thursday 28th December - 9am-5pm
Friday 29th December - 9am-5pm
Saturday 30th December - 10am-3pm
Sunday 31st December - CLOSED
Monday 1st January - Sunday 7th January - CLOSED
Monday 8th January - 9am-5pm


Shipping Schedule

Friday 22nd December - Shipping as usual.
Saturday 23rd December - Not shipping.
Sunday 24th December - Not shipping.
Monday 25th December - Not shipping.
Tuesday 26th December - Not shipping.
Wednesday 27th December - Shipping as usual.
Thursday 28th December - Shipping as usual.
Friday 29th December - Shipping as usual.
Saturday 30th December - Not shipping.
Sunday 31st December - Not shipping.
Monday 1st January - Sunday 7th January - Not shipping.
Monday 8th January - Shipping as usual.


We're still dispatching mailorders up until the 23rd for delivery after Christmas. If you're like us and haven't sorted out gifts already then never fear! You can pick up a gift voucher online HERE. The voucher can be emailed to the recipient straight away or you can even set the exact time and date you want it to be sent!

Hope everyone is having a great festive season and thanks for the support over the year!


Mitch, Ev and the LUXBMX Team


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 8 December 2017  

We're stoked to announce the addition of Aussie powerhouse Boyd Hilder to the already stacked LUXBMX team! Boyd destroys everything he rides and is one of the most talented riders we've ever had the pleasure of watching.

To celebrate Boyd is taking over the LUXBMX instagram this week while he's on a LUXBMX trip to Adelaide with teammates Alex Hiam, Denby Chandler and Mike Vockenson. Give us a follow to keep up with their antics this week and be on the lookout for some more exciting news from Boyd...



Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 7 December 2017  

Need it for Christmas? 

We will be shipping orders right up until Friday 22 December - but if you want to ensure you have your order in time for Christmas Day, these are our guaranteed order cut offs for Express Post:

  • 2pm (AEST) Wednesday 20 December - for postcodes in the National Express Network
  • 2pm (AEST) Friday 15 December - all other locations (see below for complete list and detailed breakdown by postcode).

Important: Please consider either marking your parcel as Signature Not Required (you can select this option at the checkout), or allow an additional day in case the parcel cannot be delivered as no-one is home to sign, and you need to go to the post office the next day to collect it. 


What happens if your parcel doesn't arrive in time?

If you choose Express Post, order by the times/dates specified above, and your parcel does not arrive by Friday 23 December 2016, we will provide a credit for the value of the Express Post charge you paid on your order.  Just email us at to let us know. 


Regular Post

We cannot provide any guarantees around Regular Post, as the system can be pretty busy at this time of year! So if you need it for Christmas and it's getting close, we definitely reccomend choosing Express Post.


Bike Delivery

Bike delivery times can vary greatly depending on location. While most metro areas will receive bikes within 2-6 business days some regional areas can take much longer. Please get in contact with us if you need a delivery date estimate at



Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 26 October 2017  


Here's the official video from the first annual Gnarcherfield Jam that we threw in conjunction with Colony. Massive thanks to everyone that came along! If you didn't make sure you get to the next one.

Chris James front flipping his way to highjump victory!Chris James front flipping his way to highjump victory!

Alex Hiam with an insane over tooth 270 back over!


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 12 September 2017  

In store renovations

Free delivery on local orders!

We're getting started on some much needed renovations to our store and warehouse this week. We'll be keeping the doors open in the meantime but there will be disruptions and repair work will be extremely limited.

To make up for the hassle to our local customers we're offering free shipping on any order within our local delivery area. If your post code falls within the postcodes below enjoy FREE SHIPPING on any order placed online.

If you do need to drop in we'd recommend calling first to avoid any disappointment otherwise why not save yourself the drive and try our online store.  Orders placed before 2pm will be delivered next business day

Local delivery postcode network: 4000, 4005-4014, 4017-4022, 4030-4032, 4034-4037, 4051, 4053-4054, 4059-4061, 4064-4069, 4072-4078, 4101-4125, 4127-4129, 4131-4133, 4151-4160, 4163, 4165, 4169-4174, 4178-4179, 4205, 4207-4218, 4220-4221, 4223-4229, 4300-4301, 4303-4305, 4350, 4352, 4500-4508, 4510.
Thanks for your patience!
Mitch, Ev and the LUXBMX team.




Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 31 August 2017  


LUXBMX's Melbourne connect Jack Kelly has the ender section from the recent FocalPoint Alive & Well DVD and it's one of the heaviest sections of the year. This is a must watch so stop what you're doing and hit play!

We have copies of the DVD with a limited zine HERE and you can buy Jack's signature Colony Monash frame HERE.


Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 18 August 2017  

We're stoked to announce the newest addition to the Kink Australia team. LUXBMX's very own Brock Olive. Brock has been one of Australia's most well-known street riders for a few years now with his wildly technical lines and insane balance skills. Keep an eye for a video from Brock but in the meantime follow him on Instagram and peep his bike check below.

Brock Olive Bike Check

Frame: Kink SXTN 21"
Fork: Kink CST Forks
Bars: Kink Rex Bars
Headset: Kink Integrated II
Stem: Kink High Rise Stem
Grips: Kink Alpha Grips
Cranks:  Kink Pillar 24 Cranks
Sprocket: Kink Eastman Guard Sprocket
BB: Kink BB
Chain: Shadow Supreme
Pedals: Kink Hemlock PC
Seat: Kink SXTN Stealth
Post: Kink Stealth Pivotal
Front Rim: Kink Atlas II Rim
Front Hub: Kink Boulevard Front Hub
Front Tyre: BSD Donnastreet 2.4
Rear Rim: Kink Atlas II Rim
Rear Hub: Kink East Coaster DTC Hub
Rear Hub Guard: Odyssey SXTN Clutch
​Rear Tyre: Kink Wright Tyre 2.2