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Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 30 June 2020  

Where are you going to ride?


Riding a bicycle seems pretty straight forward (quite literally) when you start to dive into the diverse subculture of  BMX, you will notice that most riders have their “thing” they like to ride. For some, this could be as simple as being really good at riding the flat ground or as complex as building your own skatepark with a range of specific obstacles. Most of the time what we ride is destined by our early years riding. If you grow up surrounded by park riders then you will probably ride the skatepark more. Similarly, if you grow up in a city with no skateparks but lots of street spots, you will probably end up leaning more towards the street dudes. So where does this leave you if you’re just starting out as a BMX rider? 



For most of us, we started at a skatepark somewhere, whether it was “good or bad” it probably had a couple of local riders that will or have become your friend. This is probably the best place to start, learning basic bike control, meeting riders, and of course, learning a solid foundation of tricks. The skateparks provide a safe place that is allowed to be ridden by BMX riders and skateboarders. In Australia, we are so lucky to have some incredible parks scattered across the country. With more parks going up every year, we are very lucky in Aus with the selection of parks and the variety of obstacles that will ultimately enable more riders to find the huge world of BMX.

Having a large array of parks gives riders the option to develop their styles and skills at a variety of parks that offer different obstacles specific to certain types of riding. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will encourage progression, just the same way newer, bigger parks will encourage riders to not only learn more but to travel and meet new people in the process. 



For the riders that stick to the ledges and rails in the skateparks, these guys are probably going to be heading out into the streets. Learning the basics at a skatepark is a great idea, but once the rails and ledges get old your going to want to find something new to ride right? That’s where the ever-changing cityscape can present itself as a huge playground. For the parents reading this your probably thinking “buts that’s not allowed”, your right. At the end of the day, street riding CAN be illegal, that’s why it’s important to know what you are doing could cause damage to other peoples property. Respecting people's property and getting that crazy clip can be a fine line at times and we encourage all riders to be respectful to other people's property. 

Riding street can teach so much more than just the tricks you’re learning. Being out in the streets will expose you to things that you might not see at the skatepark. Learning to deal with these real-life situations can help in life, where others may not have had those experiences you have had. The other exciting thing about riding street is that unlike the skatepark, it’s not built to ride and this in itself can create new challenges. Finding “perfect”’ spots to ride doesn’t happen all that often so being creative can “open” a spot, developing your riding further. As you navigate from spot to spot you will probably further develop your style as a rider. Whether it’s big rails, technical ledge lines, or a strong flat ground game, the more you ride your city the more you will learn about your own riding. 



Finally, there are the guys that aren’t afraid of hard work, big airs, and shovels. Trail riders are a special type of BMX rider, contempt with digging holes in a remote location and spending a lot of time alone are a few things that seem to appeal. The beauty of trail riding is the creative process, crafting pieces of art from nothing, with no other interest then to ride and build more. Trails have a huge history in BMX, from the very start of BMX or Bicycle Motocross originating on the track and slowly taking to the bushland around the suburbs. Due to the number of man-hours needed to build and maintain trails, spots are often kept secret, and the guys that dig wants to keep it that way. With several spots around Australia, our trail scene has always been strong. Starting your own spot can be daunting but all trails had to start somewhere. Get a group of mates a few shovels and find a good spot of land far enough away from the public to give your spot the best chance of survival. 


Regardless of what you love to ride, remember that all avenues of BMX are still just that- BMX, so don’t forget why you started and try to ride a little bit of everything. Riding everything will open your eyes to so much BMX that you might otherwise miss.    




Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 29 June 2020  

Where's Pat Been?


If you follow LUXBMX and everything we have been doing the past 10 years, you would have seen the opener for our full-length BMX DVD Aeterna. Pat Johns opens up the video with a banger! He went all the way in, big ledges, huge rails, and heavy drops are all elements that Pat bought to the table for us.

After filming Aeterna Pat suffered a couple of injures that took him off the bike for a little time. Breaking his back followed by his foot you know Pat means business when he goes out to ride on the weekend. This past weekend Pat came out to film some clips with resident Brisbane guy Troy Charlesworth for his new video project called “Tear da club up”. Pat has been a little late to the party but has been stacking some pretty burly clips. Pat got quick to work, getting his pegs on the rail while he felt it out. He decided tyres was the trick for the spot and off he went, getting it done with little hassle.


Pat Rides a Wethepeople Revolver frame. When you ride like Pat you want to be able to trust your ride and Wethepople offer a lifetime warranty on all aftermarket frames. The revolver frame offers 100% Chromoly construction, integrated chain tensioners,  investment cast wishbone and 13.25-13.75" rear end that is nice and stable in all types of riding!  


If you haven’t had a chance to see Pats’ opening section from Aeterna, watch it below! Then subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss a thing.


Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 22 June 2020  

More Wilton Hedley!

Wilton getting up the Pillar at Tempered's filthy drain jam a few years ago.

Wilton has been a good friend of LUXBMX for a long time. Joining the team as a young pup, Wilton has grown both on and off the bike and continues to wow us with his, fast-paced, balls to the wall style. If you have ever been to a Tempered Bikes Filthy Drains Jam, you have probably seen Wilton blasting the DIY setups he helped to build. From DIY ramps, skateparks, bowls, dirt jumps, and occasional big street set up, Wilton truly rides everything. Not just dabbling, Wilton goes in 100% when he feels it's right, leaving us with a terrifying yet incredible spectacle. 

Shop for tempered goods here! 


Tuck air at Nimbin- Photo by Alex Hiam. 

Wilton’s passion for BMX is obvious, making regular trips to ride most afternoons, in between having a full-time job and regular life stuff. Wilton made a trip with a crew of fellas last year to Berlin. The trip was Wilton’s first overseas trip and he definitely made the most of it. Unique spots and Wilton’s eye is enough to get anyone with a camera ‘toey’ to film. He wasted no time in shutting down the city.  


Wilton putting his style on some Berlin Spots. Photos By Jerard Vandervalk/ Yves Bolts

If you were around in the mid-2000’s you will remember Tempered bikes making a big wave in Austalia. This must-have captivated Wilton as a young rider and before he knew it he would be representing Tempered with some of his good friends. Watch Wiltons Doomsday for the deceiver Video from 2015.  Don't forget to Subscribe to LUXBMX's Youtube channel! 




Author: Toby   Date Posted: 19 June 2020  

The epic new range of Cult 2021 Bikes are not far away.  This unreal range of bikes is sure to be sold out in no time at all, and as we continue to experience the global bike craze we urge you to get in quick this time around.  Cult can do no wrong and these bikes have all been stepped up a notch to bring some of the best completes we have seen, whilst sporting that untouchable Cult style... Absolute class, thanks Cult Crew!


Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 16 June 2020  

What, and what not to do.

Alex Hiam 270 Tabletop in ALD, Photo by Mikey Moore.

From when you start riding into the early years especially, the one dream in many minds that is similar is the idea of being “sponsored”. BMX companies are approached every day from riders all over the world asking for them to “help them out” or “sponsor them”. The days of “sponsor me tapes” are over and this has been replaced by social media platforms. What does all of that mean though?  Firstly, being sponsored shouldn’t be the ultimate goal for any rider however, setting goals is a great way to progress at anything you’re doing. Getting sponsored by a bike shop or bmx company could seem like the be-all and end-all for many young riders and the thought of cheaper/free bike parts, travel budgets, (and if you’re really lucky) a wage. 

The reality of this though is that a small percentage of BMX riders will ever get sponsored, that’s not to put you off, but the reality is that a very small number of BMX riders will go pro. For the other 99% of us, BMX is and always will be a hobby, obsession, and lifestyle. This isn’t a “how to get sponsored” but could give some advice on ways of going about it. At the end of the day, the friendships, the good times, and endless memories should be what every BMX rider should chase on their little bike. 

The boys having a good time on a trip while filming for Aeterna. 

Ride, Ride all the time

Firstly, ride, ride a lot. If you think about improving at anything, the main catalyst is time. Putting in lots of time and effort mastering your craft. No professional BMX rider turned pro from not riding.  However, spending time at the skatepark and riding are two different things. The time you spend on your pedals will be the ultimate way to gain bike control and build confidence to learn tricks and progress. Progression happens naturally, and the best way to encourage progression is a healthy competitiveness between you and your BMX friends or you and yourself. Keep on having fun and put the effort in and you will see your riding start to improve.  Skateparks can be great places to find friendships, meet people, and network your way through the BMX space.

Talk to BMX riders

Not everyone gets along, but the cool thing about bmx is the connection you share with every other rider across the world. BMX is a great way to meet life long friends, and these friends are the people that will help you progress. BMX  has a small community (compared to other more conventional sports) and if you don’t socialise that number will become less. The more BMX riders you know the more opportunities will open up to ride with new people and so on. So talk to people, be friendly, and don’t think you’re "cooler" than anyone. As you find yourself emersed in the BMX community, you’ll start to develop cliques and your riding will skew toward the company you keep. This is why it’s so important to have a good group of riding friends. Not just for the social aspects but because subconsciously you will progress together. The more fun you have on your bike the easier progressing will become. The more friends you make in the scene the more opportunities will arise to ride jams, competitions, road trips, and many more good times! 

Shop Local

The local BMX shop should be the first place you went to get your first BMX bike. However, the bike shop will also act as a place to meet people within the industry around you. Getting to know the people within the industry is a great place to start building those relationships. This doesn’t just mean the people who run the shops, but the filmers, photographers, other team riders, and everyone else that associates with the scene. The impression you make within the scene is everlasting so be nice and treat others as you would like to be treated because at the end of the day your still just riding a kid’s bike, so keep it fun. The local bike shop has helped your scene around you, so supporting them will in-turn help them to continue to put on jams, have video premieres and help their team out.  

Don’t be annoying

Sponsor me tapes, emails, DMs, and flat out asking isn’t the way to go about it. One common misconception is that people get sponsored for sheer talent. Would you want to work with someone that was good at their job but impossible to be around? Probably not, so why would a BMX company want to work with a person that can shred but has the wrong attitude, or simply doesn’t align with the companies vision and values. Sponsored riders represent the company and in return, the company will help with all sorts of things. Before you go in guns-a-blazing, think about if the company is the right one for you, and would you want to promote what they stand for? Remember that people own these companies so that communication you have been practicing over the years is ever important. Technology has made it easier for younger riders to communicate with industry people, companies, and BMX Pros. Although making this easier is a great thing for the younger riders, it means companies get flooded with videos and photos of young BMX riders trying to get sponsored. Sending in your video might not get a watch,  if it does it’s probably going to be unlikely that a random video from a random person the company has never met is going to seal the deal. So get to know the people that run the companies and don't be a weirdo!  

Boyd Hilder ripping the box at Simple Session earlier this year.

Be patient

“Good things come to those who wait”. Be patient, nothing comes quickly and hard work pays off. Getting sponsored shouldn’t be your only goal however if you are determined and set yourself small goals that will hopefully eventuate into what you’re chasing. BMX is fun and that aspect shouldn’t ever be lost. If you’re putting (unnecessary) pressure on yourself and losing the fun aspect then it’s time to remember why you started riding in the first place.  The most important part to remember is that companies want to work with riders that they can get on with on a personal level first and then promote the company second. Turning up with a big bag of tricks isn’t going to be enough to cut it. Being humble and respectful to the people around you is more important than how many barspins you can do.   

Getting sponsored shouldn’t be the motivation for riding but if it helps you send that little bit harder or land that trick you have been scared of trying for months then it can be a great motivator. If you keep riding and treat others how you like to be treated then be patient and you’ll never know what might happen! 



Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 15 June 2020  

Cody Pollard Goodness! 

Photo By Ned Hards

Cody Pollard got up the coast for a night session last weekend. Ned Hards was there to snap a few photos and this is the result! Cody has a style that is unmatched, big airs, fast across the flat bottoms all accompanied by a big smile. Cody rides for the timeless brand T1 because he loves the products and the guys that run the company. Rider owned and run yew! 

As you could probably tell, Cody rides all sorts of transition, spending a lot of time in the deep ends of the blows on the Gold Coast, Pollard has made a style all of his own. Traveling the globe in search of bigger, gnarlier bowls. Cody and the fast and loose crew have been working on a full-length DVD and it's ready for viewing. With the original premiere set for swamp fest 2020, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for further information on the release of this masterpiece. Until then you are able to watch the Promo they released earlier in 2020 here.

Photo By Ned Hards



Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 9 June 2020  

 Denby Chandler Appreciation  

Denby Icepicking a rail out in Ipswich

If you haven’t watched Aeterna yet, (you probably have) Denby had the last section in our first full-length DVD last year. After working hard for 2 years with Mike, Denby’s section was one of a kind, big burly rail moves and technical ledge combos all tied together with a big smile and some explosive energy. Big setups handled properly is a simple way to explain Denby’s riding. Denby’s love for BMX is obvious, not giving up easily and coming out on top is usually how Denby attacks his riding. Check Denby’s Aeterna section.


Denby has been working hard on a new part for Sunday Bikes that won’t disappoint and should be out toward the middle of next year. While working on this Denby has also managed to film a bunch of clips in between the heavy hitters. Filling out a split section with fellow teammate Brock Olive and good friend D.Street for a recent crew video playing over at DIGBMX. Finishing this video off in true Denby fashion, handling handrails of all sorts. Coming off a knuckle injury Denby suffered on a trip to Berlin late last year, Denby has been healing up, getting ready for more shredding all over the world.
Denby rides a Sunday Sounwave V3 frame, and for good reason, with hollow dropouts for added strength and reduced weight, wave tubing on the top and down tubes, and external gussets for ultimate strength the Soundwave V3 and Denby are an unstoppable combo. 
Looking forward to traveling again once things return to normal, Denby is looking forward to tackling more spots and setups around Australia and the world. Keep an eye out for Denby at your local park or street spot and don’t forget to check out this recent cut of clips from Denby, Jake, and Brock shredding Brisbane. While you’re at it rewatch Denby’s Aeterna B-sides section and welcome to Sunday Bikes video from 2017.


Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 9 June 2020  

With everything that has happened in Australia and the world this year, BMX has remained fairly unscathed. For many of us, we have turned to our bikes and headed out for a roll with all the extra downtime many of us have experienced. Brock Denby and Norris are three guys that haven’t let the downtime get them down. Heading out every single weekend and filming something, these guys have really made the most of the empty streets and desolate public spaces. 

Brock Opposite Ice Grind in Perth

Living in Rockhampton, Jake has been making the trip down to Brisbane all year long. Putting in work on a full length “Tear Da Club Up” filmed and edited by Troy Charlesworth. Coming out later in the year this video will feature full sections from Jake, Dylan Steinhardt James Pease, and many more. Jakes filmed these clips in between filming hammers for Troy.

Ride a bike just like Jake! 

Brock has been hard at work this year on his bike working on a new video to sequel his epic KinkBMX Web Video that came out a couple years back. Brock has been stacking some pretty heavy clips and these are the in-between ones that would otherwise never bee seen!

Brocks Choice from the KINK BMX line

Denby Is always riding, filming, and always smiling. Big tricks with full force is Denby’s style and it’s obvious he hasn’t slowed down at all since the end of Aeterna. Other than dealing with a broken knuckle he suffered in  Berlin late last year. Denby is working on a new piece for Sunday that should be out early next year. 

Stay warm this winter in some Sunday bikes goodies.

Until then here is a mix of the boys shredding an array of Brisbane spots! 



Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 2 June 2020  

Alex Hiam Morning at Fairfield. 

Alex Hiam headed to Fairfield the other morning before the masses and had a pretty heavy session. Starting out in the bowl Alex warms up and then lets it rip without holding back. Getting back into the swing of things after quarantine, Alex went and had a fun session at an empty Fairfield. Stay tuned to our YOUTUBE channel for fresh content every week! 

 Alex rides his Signature Sweet tooth Frame Forks and Bars available at LUXBMX! 



Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 27 May 2020  

More Skateparks for South East Qld!

Ipswich is a city west of Brisbane and has always hosted a BMX scene. As Ipswich continues to grow and the population increases; like most cities the council wants to build more safe spaces, recreation areas, and skateparks. The Ipswich city council has opened up to the public to listen to what you have to say. Here's what they had to say, read the full article here 

 " Ipswich City Council is committed to providing spaces that promote social inclusion, health and well-being benefits for our community. We are planning new and improved youth facilities at Redbank Plains Recreation Reserve and we would like to know your ideas before the design is finalised."

 Take the survey and have your say! 

See the birdseye co0ncept of the park below



Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 19 May 2020  

More From Ev.

Last week Ev showed us how to tighten our chain and remove stuck hub bolts, this week he’s back with more. Having worked on bikes since a young boy, and riding BMX his whole life before formally gaining accreditation in the field, Ev knows about BMX bikes. Showing you these tricks and tips will keep your bike feeling “bike shop perfect”. No noises, no skipping hubs, no stuck on pedals, just a bike your want to ride. Don’t forget to check out our youtube channel, We keep it updated with new videos every week. First up we have Ev talking us through some do’s and don’ts when using a chain breaker. He covers both full and half link options and uses two types of chain breakers, the Odyssey chain breaker, and the Salt Plus half-link chain breaker. 





A few from our wide selection of chain breakers. 

Next up we have Ev showing you the best way to seat a tyre. Replacing tyres can be troublesome at times, especially if you use slimmer tyres. Some tyre brands will sit slightly different than other brands. This can be caused by the compound the tyres are made of, the depth of the sidewall on the rim or how wide the tyre is. If you have ever had trouble changing tyres then watch Ev break it down for you. 


BMX specific tools to keep you rolling smooth

Finally, if you have ever struggled to take off pedals or got confused on which way the thread goes Ev has a very simple way of breaking it down so you will never get confused again. Start with a good pedal spanner and Ev will explain the rest. 



Author: Tim   Date Posted: 12 May 2020  

 Where will you be riding when the parks reopen?

Cody Staying at Home During Isolation, Photo by Justy Bumpstead


2020 has been a crazy one for Australia so far, natural disasters, epidemics, not to mention the closure of all skateparks! During the recent social distancing practices, you would have noticed a great deal of bunting, signs, and caution tape around most recreational areas in Australia. For the most part, society listened and because of this, we are able to start easing back into a normal way of living. For many people staying at home, working from and riding at home became normal. Over the past few months the skateparks were closed and sand put in some areas to stop the influx of park users, coinciding with the closure of many schools. With so much time and nowhere to go, air-bag sales went up and street riding became a little more frequent than usual for some. However no matter how many spots, airbags, private parks, and whatever else you have been lucky enough to ride, nothing is quite the same as riding a good fun skatepark with your mates. 

Boyd riding a pretty famous gap to bank in Syndey pre iso, Photo by Eisa Bakos

Seeing so many BMX riders making their own spots to ride, riding unique objects at home, and opening their eyes a little more to what’s rideable around you has been rad! From DIY spots to making use of simple objects has been the height of social media. Opening your eyes to what’s around you to ride is something that can be lost with the plethora of skateparks we have access to in Australia. During times like these BMX riders resort to their primal instinct and head back to where it all started the gutter out the front of the house or the driveway. Creativity is something that BMX brings all of us in different ways, as different riders have shown us how they are riding while being locked down. Seeing old parks with fresh eyes is something that can help motivate new lines or ways to ride the skatepark you have always ridden.  


Justy boosting is stomping ground for Wayne Cant

As things start to ease and venues are reopened it’s great to see the positive impact we are all having by working together to get back to normal. As  BMX riders ourselves, some of the best times had are at skateparks around Australia and the rest of the world with a big group of mates and nothing but good times. There’s something pretty cool about being able to ride a new park, not knowing what to expect. The way the transition feels, the type of concrete, the colors, and the graffiti. This is what gets all of us stoked to get on a bike and go cruise around a park. Not only have the skateparks been a crucial point in most BMX rider’s upbringing, but they provide a safe space for adolescents and young adults to exercise and learn about growing up with peers older and younger.  For many young riders out there it’s hard to replace the feeling of waking up early on a Saturday jumping on your bike and going to a new skatepark on the other side of town. While this has been put on hold and riders find new ways to ride their bike, the day the parks open gets closer and the excitement is definitely growing throughout this community.   

Pat Johns making light work of this ledge feeble. Sequence by Jake Norris

With restrictions lifting and more businesses reopening, Australia should see the reopening of skateparks in the coming days and weeks. For many of us we have gotten down to our local park and taken a few rebel runs. How ever this doesn’t feel the same as being able to freely cruise a park with no worries in the world. As the parks reopen and we are permitted to head back to the skateparks and things will return to normal. With all of this ahead of us in the very near future the question remains, which park will you be riding first? Will it be your local? A new park that’s just been finished or an old park you haven’t ridden in ages. Regardless of where you end up on your bike I’m sure you’ll appreciate being able to ride the skatepark a little more this time around.


Finally if you're one of those people that left their bike from the start of ISO till now then you’re probably wanting to freshen a few things up to get it rolling just the way you like it. Little bits of maintenance or some new bits and pieces could have you back on your bike ready to ride in no time. Don’t forget to check out our range on our website, with over 10,000 parts we will have what you need. LUXBMX is just as excited to get back out on our bikes as you are, and can’t wait to see everyone shredding in again!    



Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 11 May 2020  

We told you we had big news! After almost 5 years in our current home in West End, Brisbane it's time for us to move on to a bigger, more exciting location. This means that our showroom in West End that has been closed due to COVID-19 will not reopen. Our warehouse, and website of course, will be going full steam ahead until the move.

If you've followed LUXBMX from the start you'll know that we started this journey tucked down an alleyway in the Fortitude Valley in a crumbling century-old building. When our tiny team of three outgrew that space we landed in our current location, our fortified bunker in West End.
We've had an amazing time in West End. From meeting the interesting locals, the change of pace from the Valley, the exponential growth we've had in a bigger space and expanding our team to ten, we're really going to miss this little spot near the river!

We're keeping the new location under wraps for now while we set up and begin the daunting task of a move. There may be a slight delay while we process orders and catch up but we're doing our best to keep disruptions to our online store to a minimum.
Whether you've been a customer since day one or have only just found us, we just want to say thanks for being a part of our journey. We can't wait to show you what we have in store!

Stay safe, stay sane and STAY LUX!
Mitch, Ev and the LUXBMX team



Author: Tim   Date Posted: 8 May 2020  

Sit down with Wiltons Tempered Night Child frame.

Ever wondered why Wilton chooses to ride the Tempered Night Child Frame? Wilton has been a name in the Australian BMX scene for years. After representing a number of international and Australian companies, Wilton has found himself at home Brisbane born Tempered Bikes. Wilton has shown us over the years why he needs to trust his bike. Whether it’s blasting the late great snakewoods trails, airing to the moon out of a bowl, or jumping off something huge Wilton’s style is hard to put in just one box.

Wilton Getting right up there at a past ACT Jam. Photo by Cooper Brownlee


Regardless of what he’s riding, it’s white-knuckled, maxing out speed and holding on that has made Wiltons riding so entering over the years. Ever since joining LUX earlier on in our story, Wilton has shown us time and time again how much he loves BMX, with a great attitude and love for exploration. 

See all Tempered's hard and soft goods here


Wilton stopped by the other day to show off his rig, and tell us why he rides the Tempered Night Child frame. With 3 different size options, and responsive modern geometry this frame is perfect for Wilton. Holding up to the abuse Wilton deals out on a regular basis while being responsive and strong is something Wilton loves about this frame. Dressed up with some great looking Tempered goods parts, this rig is ready for anything Wilton has to through at it. See Wilton discuss his Tempered rig then get out there and shred! 



Author: Tim   Date Posted: 5 May 2020  

Fix your bike from home, with help from Ev

Ev has been servicing bikes for more then a couple of decades and knows his way around a BMX bike. Most issues you come across on your bike will probably occur due to riding your bike, so daily or weekly maintenance is a must to ensure your bike is ready to ride every time you head out. Some small issues on you may come across while riding could be a loose chain, flat tires, broken chains, stuck on wheels, blown out cones, and much much more. Although small, these issues can become a headache if you don’t know the quick tricks and tips to fix them. Most issues have a simple fix, and this series ‘quick fix with Ev’ is just that. 


These short videos are aimed at the guys and girls that are stuck without a bike shop near-by. Learning to fix your bike is an important part of riding your bike. Getting caught out a long way from home with no way to fix your bike can be a hassle. LUXBMX wants to share some knowledge to keep you out of a bind. For the very few that are fortunate enough to know a bike mechanic or have access to a BMX store workshop, these little tutorials will help you work on your own bike too! Learning to fix your own bike will give you a great appreciation for your bike. Loving the way it rides but knowing how to make it feel good when you ride it too. Understanding how each part works is also an important part of learning to ride. Working on your bike will help you learn what each bit does and the effect it has on how your bike rides.   


Tighten Your Chain in Under a Minute! 




Starting with one of the most common problems in BMX. Ev shows us in under a minute the best way to get your chain tight using just a 17mm. No jamming stuff behind your wheel, no getting 4 of your mates to help you pull your wheel back. Just a simple, effective way to get your chain tight and your wheel straight. Ev runs you through the best way to achieve this every time.  


Step by Step

  • Start from loose
  • Push the tyre from drive-side chainstay to non-drive side chainstay
  • Maintain pressure and tighten the non-drive side axle nut
  • Push the tyre from non-drive chainstay to drive-side chainstay
  • Maintain pressure and tighten the drive side axle nut 
  • With the chain tight, loosen non-drive axle nut and center wheel accordingly

Stuck Front Cones. 

For the second episode, Ev will run you through how to loosen off stubborn, stuck-on front wheels. At times when your front wheel has been ridden on for months and not moved. You may grind and have damaged some of the hardware, or just don’t use grease and rust has set in and is making it difficult to remove your front wheel. Ev runs you through a simple method that works every time. Minimal hassle only using a 17 mm or whatever you use to tighten your wheel nuts or female bolts. 

Step By Step

  • Tighten to outside the fork on the loose side of the hub.
  • Loosen off the stuck side of the hub.
  • Place the wheel back into forks once it has been loosened.

Don’t forget to to our youtube channel, we will have fresh content every week!



Author: Tim   Date Posted: 27 April 2020  

Take a seat with Denby Chandler and his Soundwave V3



Denby chandler is a beast on a bike, attacking spots with a certain power that only he can create. After joining the LUXBMX team several years ago Denby showed us time and time again why he’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to riding man-sized setups. After Joining LUX’s already stacked team, Denby was added to Sunday Bikes and Odyssey BMX’s international AM team through BMX International Distribution.  The combination of Denby’s heavy riding and Sunday’s epic reputation was a match made in heaven. Trusting his bike is a big part of how Denby mentally conquers spots and ultimately hitting that big handrails or jumping the massive drops



Watch Denby discuss why he chooses the Sunday Soundwave V3.



After seeing Denby's epic Aeterna section and Aeterna B-sides you should know that Denby’s Sunday Soundwave V3  frame holds up to just about anything. Putting his bike through the paces over the past few years Denby has only used the Soundwave frames because he trusts the wave tubing and external gussets. 





If you haven’t already seen it. We have recently uploaded all individual sections from Aeterna to our youtube channel, Along with Denby’s mind-melting ender section for the DVD. We are so proud of what the guys came up with while filming for this and were overwhelmed by your guy’s positive response. 


Watch Denby’s Aeterna section below! 



Watch Denby's B-sides here 


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Author: Toby   Date Posted: 25 April 2020  

We just added a heap of Bikes to our Clearance BMX Bikes category, act fast though, as many of these are the only ones available...  Don't sleep!



Author: Tim   Date Posted: 23 April 2020  

More Support during the times that Matter 

Live chat

During these uncertain times, one thing you can guarantee is that we have been adjusting to keeping you closer to LUXBMX then ever before. As a bike shop the space that we provide has helped shape the scene and vice-versa, without the support from you guys we wouldn’t still be here. Since shop hours are limited we have opened our live chat for customers from 10am-8pm 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. Our workshop will be operating at a limited capacity, however, if it’s an urgent fix, get in contact with us if you need to have your bike worked on. You can make an appointment by getting in contact with one of our friendly staff online. We will be able to organize a good time for you to come by and let us know what's going on with your bike!  However, we must be cognizant of the guidelines that have been placed upon society for the time being. Have something you’d like to ask right now? Ask our friendly staff now.   

More connected

We are aiming to connect more to you not just through chat platforms but offering more online content keeping you up to date with our team, staff, and everything LUXBMX. If you haven’t already subscribed to our youtube channel, we have been steadily uploading a plethora of content for your viewing pleasure. Don’t sit on the couch bored a moment longer. LUXBMX will have fresh content, coming your way more and more regularly. This will include videos from our full-length DVD Aeterna, How to’s, Creative videos, a new series called “on the couch” and much much more. On the couch features team riders and staff members discussing topics close to BMX. This can be anything from the bike they ride to shoes they lace up before they head out to roll. We want to give you guys a more personal experience showcasing our talented team and staff! We started this off with Alex Hiam discussing his signature sweet tooth line, the graphics, geometry, and everything in between.



Expert advice online 

Our phones have currently been switched off, and we will be redirecting all calls to our chat, so feel free to ask whatever you need here. If you’re stuck at home having trouble with anything BMX related, don’t forget that the live chat is there for you to ask whatever you need. Whether that be to do with an order, your bike, or general BMX knowledge, know that LUXBMX is here to help you. As riders ourselves we have probably encountered what it is your searching to find, fix, or buy and with our expert team with more than 50years BMX experience between them we are more than ready to help. Whether you’re looking for a whole new set up, a small intricate brake component, or just want to know our opinion on something, remember that your answer is only one question away.  

While still under strict social distancing guidelines we have decided to offer an "appointment to come to the store" option. We know you need to see us in person some times for whatever reason, we would still like to make this an option, chat with our friendly staff and organize a suitable time to drop in.

Brock Olive getting it done outside the shop. 

Staying Safe

Adjusting to the current situation has been testing for everyone and here at LUXBMX we have felt these pressures too. However our goal remains the same, to keep offering you the best service and products for you guys, so that you can stay on your bike during COVID19. While we ride this time out together it’s important to remember that no matter how strange things seem now, LUXBMX is here to support you both on and off the bike, and by taking these measures following the guidelines ultimately we will all get through this together. We hope that offering these services and extra contact points will help us stay connected with you guys. During these times keeping up with you guys is what’s important to us, so we can make sure you stay safe and rolling happily. As we have transitioned it’s been great seeing the support of our customers and moving forward we are excited to offer these extra talking points. LUXBMX is committed to delivering the best possible service and we love seeing you guys stoked on your rides! Rain, hail or pandemic, LUXBMX is still shipping boxes.    




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On the Couch - Mitch and Ev

For the past 10 years, Mitch Wood and Evan Jaques have owned and run LUXBMX. From its humble beginnings in Fortitude Valley, LUXBMX has changed in so many ways. From our current physical location in West End to the endless supply of epic BMX parts sent all around the world, LUXBMX has always been a big part of the BMX scene. Supporting the Australian scene is something that's important to us and support is something that many people will need right now. Ev and Mitch sat down to discuss the current state of the shop, adding more personalized support for the website during COVID-19 and into the future.



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Subscribe for great content.

Have you seen the latest video content from LUXBMX? With the entire Aetrena video uploaded to our youtube, it’s easy. If you were unlucky enough to miss out on a hard copy we have bought Aeterna to the digital, online realm. Offering convenient sections uploaded from our first feature full length, Aeterna. Filmed and edited by BMX DVD mastermind Mike Vockenson this DVD will become a piece of Australian BMX history for all ages to enjoy for generations. We are so proud of the guys for putting in so many hours, blood, sweat and tears. The end result was something better then we could have ever hoped for and now that piece of our history is online for your viewing pleasure.






 A new series to the LUXBMX youtube channel in the form of On The Couch. Having some of the team guys in to talk about their bikes, interests and anything else you guys want to know. Starting this off is no other than Alex Hiam, with so many accolades in BMX, Alex came to chat about his signature Sweetooth line, the reason's for the geometry, the stories behind the stickers and everything else in between. Look forward to seeing Alex discuss this plus much, much more.  More of this to come in the following weeks, so make sure you subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out!




Last but not least we wanted to show off the bikes that keep us stoked, including our team guys rides. These custom builds are insane and it would be a shame not to give them the limelight they deserve. With our dudes freshening up their rides regularly, this will be regularly updated showing you the newest, latest and greatest parts up close and personal. Then watch the boys shred their new bikes up and down the coast. We have kicked things off with Jake Norris's epic BSD Safari build.  




Moving forward we are aiming to bring you more workshop content, custom builds, and other shop related stuff that keeps us close to the guys that support us. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and turn the notification bell on so you don’t miss new uploads and post’s from our awesome team.