Author: Mitch   Date Posted:1 June 2015 

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 9 May 2022  

Gnarcherfield Skatepark Jam - Rain Hail or Shine

Archerfield Skatepark on Brisbane's southside is a smaller park that features some odd-shaped quarter pipes, a great flat ledge, a fun box with a rail and well, that's about it. Located in an industrial estate often frequented by Falcons and Commodores doing burnouts (we were treated with a few on the day) it also has a seemingly endless supply of pallets and building materials that would otherwise be thrown away. The suburb of Archerfield has a car racing track, a light aircraft airport, a legitimate burnout pad and of course a pretty average skatepark. Given the area's weird vibe between industrial and residential, it’s no wonder it’s played host to a few BMX events in the past, including a LUX jam!

We decided it was time to do it all over again, so we got the crew together and headed down to Archerfield for the 2nd (almost) annual Gnarcherfield Jam. When you host a jam there are a million different ways you could go about it, but the one thing that remains consistent is that you don’t want rain! Inevitably it rained right as things kicked off, but in true BMX fashion, we handled it and made the most out of a wet situation.

Starting with a skid comp for anyone that was keen to get a little wet and sideways, riders of all ages got involved with some of the younger shredders proving handy on the back brake. After everyone had almost gone through their rear tyres, the obstacle course was set up and a few keen dudes got to work on trying to make their way through the slippery mixture of rails and pallets. Mitch Campbell saw something he liked and made short work of making it through. A man who never misses a QLD BMX jam, Travis Doyle (aka Snapper) got in next and while everyone hid from the rain, Snapper continuously sent it and crashed over and over again, providing tonnes of entertainment for everyone, thanks Snapper!

As the rain started to clear and the sun started to warm up the park, about half of the original crowd was still around to shred the wallride and box jump we DIY’d earlier, but before we could do anything, it was time to give away a Wethepeople Curse 20” complete bike! Everyone put their heads together and all agreed that one young dude that didn’t stop shredding in the rain the whole entire time and really making the most out of the day deserved the bike. Well done Jackson Simons on the new bike man, we know you’ll be out there shredding on it!

After firing up the blowers and getting to work on the brooms, the park started to get pretty dry making for a nice chilled afternoon session. It’s those moments where you really can’t explain BMX to people who don’t ride..  a solid crew taking laps at the wallride as the sun slowly sunk below the tree lines and everyone headed home for the night.

Huge thanks to Bellmott beverages for keeping everyone hydrated all day, Wethepeople and BMX International for providing the giveaway bike and everyone that came along and enjoyed hanging in the rain! 

Hope to see you all at the next one.

Enjoy this recap video of the day for anyone that missed it! 


Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 12 April 2022  

Runaway bay Brain Ham Jam 


Every so often in the BMX world, there are jams that aren’t for any reason other than having a sick time with your mates. This was the vibe that Jon Mackellar and Sara Canovi set on Saturday the 1st of April for the BrainHam Jam. Runaway Bay was the chosen location and the two got busy organizing prizes, DIY additions to the park and a lineup of 4 bands that would blast punk and rock all day having everyone feeling like they were living in a Props DVD. (photo's by Claudio)

Sean Cranking a Lookback with some BrainHam art framing him up.

Jon finished up painting the ramps and kicked things off by blasting the wallride he had made for the day. Runaway Bay was such a rad site for the jam and the riding heated up as fast as the weather. After a while Jon and Sara announced some mini comps and the box jump fly out was called on. Everyone directed their efforts to having a rip on the pallet lander. A few notable things were an un-named goldy local getting awfully close to 540 bar, and the ol’ GoldCoast sender Arron Selway throwing his bike in all directions. Pollard was there to twist himself around his bike with that classic grin. 

Pollard Turndown over the pallet lander.

Sean and J-dog.

Next was the big wallride in the deep end of the bowl. The crowd had started to thin out as things were getting late, but that didn’t stop the boys from blasting in and out of the makeshift setupSuch a sick day had by everyone, no major crashes and plenty of prizes to go around the BrainHam Jam as a rad day. Massive thanks to Jon and his partner Sara for putting on such rad event, and of course, in true Jon Mack style, the party went on well into the night!

We will be hosting a jam at Archerfield on the 1st of May where we will be giving away plenty of gear from a whole bunch of different brands, alongside some new LUXBMX merch throughout the Day. There will be plenty of additions to the park to make it extra fun for riders of all ages and skill levels, so come and get involved! Leave your egos at the door because everybody's welcome!


See the video from the last "Gnarcherfield" jam we held with Colony BMX



Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 1 February 2022  

Dovey Shredding at Alexandra Headland Skatepark + Bike Check

A few weeks ago I messaged Dovey asking if he had any time to come film some clips riding a skatepark of his choice, he was keen and chose Alex heads park. With the Coral Sea as this skateparks backdrop and the sun slowly rising into the sky, the mood was set for the morning. 
As Troy and I arrived we saw Dovey warming up in the bowl, we grabbed some breakfast and headed over to the park. 


After a quick leg stretch, we set up the camera gear and started talking to Dovey about what he was trying to film that morning. From the word go Dovey turned it on and started clocking clips for the below video. Huge airs mixed with technical lip riding is a real treat to watch and before long, Dovey had a crowd watching the free demo.

It didn’t take long for myself and Troy to feel like we had a video from what we filmed and before the clock hit 9 am we were finished for the morning. We headed back to Brisbane stoked on what we had got to witness and the footage we are able to show you guys! Hell yeah, Dovey!  

Enjoy the video!



Dovey was also lucky enough to build a new bike recently, he seems to keep a similar theme for most bikes and this is no different, matte black and fast as hell! 
See all the parts listed below.


Frame: Fly Bikes Sierra 21"




Fork: Fly Bikes volcano
Handlebars: Fly Bikes Sierra 9”
Stem: Fly Bikes Volcano 25mm
Grips: Fly Bikes Ruben
Headset: Fly Bikes Volcano 15mm




Cranks: Fly Bikes170mm Dolman
Pedals: Fly Bikes Ruben plastics
Seat: Fly Bikes Sierra
Seat Post: Fly Bikes tripod
Bottom Bracket: Fly Bikes Rotar





Sprocket: Fly Bikes Tractor 29t
Chain: Fly Bikes Tractor
Tires: Ruben 2.4
Front Wheel: Magneto Hub alloy axle laced to a Lunar rim
Rear Wheel: Magneto Hub crmo axle laced to a Lunar rim





Author: Tim   Date Posted: 20 January 2022  

Flemington Banks Jam

Where do I even begin!?

Some of the crew after the jam


For those unaware, the Flemington Banks are a stretch of drains that run alongside the Moonee Ponds Creek drainage system in Melbourne. Over the years the drains have become a meeting ground for artists, skateboarders, the homeless, daily exercises, and of course BMX riders. Over time the banks have also had a tonne of D.I.Y additions including rails, ledges, quarter pipes and other random concrete transitions. Needless to say, countless hours of passion have been poured into this place. Running under the city link toll road, these drains have become an iconic part of Melbourne culture for so many to enjoy in their own unique way. 


Jam starting to warm up


Hosted by local shops and Focalpoint BMX, the Flem Banks jam was started in 2006 and ran up until 2015. After a small hiatus between 2015-2018, the jam came back in 2019. After COVID ran a muck, the jam was again off for 2020 and 2021. You can imagine how psyched we were hearing the jam was coming back in 2022. As a kid the Flem banks Jam always made me wonder what it would be like to ride these famous drains and see in person what I’d seen in all the videos. 


The most stoked dude of the day + a wooden eski!


When the crew at LUX heard the rumours of the jam returning in 2022, we knew it was something we not only wanted to support, but something the crew had to be there for. I mean with D-street and Jimmah at the helm of the build team? No way I was missing this one! It didn’t take too much convincing for Mitch and Troy to get keen, and before we knew it Norris was on board and we were all set. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing you have a full weekend of BMX at an iconic spot, and to say falling asleep the night before was easy would be a lie.


Few familiar faces floating around


Come Thursday morning, I woke up feeling like a kid on Christmas! We got over to the Brisbane airport super keen to get down there and get into the weekend, but not before a few misunderstandings about oversized baggage from the lovely people at an unnamed airline. The flight was delayed, but that didn’t dampen the spirits, the vibes were way too high! 


Mile high


We arrived in Melbourne and were greeted by D-street with a huge grin. After some catching up and a bite to eat we met with Jimmah and Mick Bayzand and headed to the banks to help dig the dirt kicker that went on to be the star of the show! When we arrived the sense of toey-ness started to rise as I was starting to understand the amplitude of what the boys had planned for the day. They went hard, to say the least. We got stuck into the jump and before too long we had a pretty good looking take off, roughly 5 feet tall and intended to be a hip or straight jump. We stashed the shovels, picks, and watering cans and headed home for some dinner and a few catchup beers with the dudes. 


Harrison and Whittey prepping the jump.


When we awoke on Friday morning the Melbourne rain gods had blessed us with their presence and the ground was soaked. Unable to ride for a while, we decided to head to the famous Prahran skate park to do some sightseeing while the rain continued to fall. A quick lap on Chapel street and we headed back to the Riverslide park as the sun had started to come out. After watching Norris land tricks effortlessly while the rest of us struggled, Bayzand arrived and we headed into the streets to ride some spots around the Southbank/Docklands area. Led by Jimmah (the king of Melbourne) we tried to keep up as we got the express tour of some iconic Melbourne spots. During that morning we got to witness Jake Norris handle a good looking 360 that was filmed for Troys new movie “tear da club up” (out this April, more on that soon). After a few hours of riding, we met up with LUXBMX’s very own Boyd Hilder, who had been heading down the east coast for the jam a week prior to our arrival. Jacman Hinns, Lewis Mills, Jordan Smyth and Ben Norris were also on the trip, so we spent well into the early evening cruising from spot to spot filming stuff and just enjoying the good weather. A real highlight that afternoon was watching Lewis and Jake film some mind-melting clips, handling everything with conviction and a sense of aggressiveness (If you’ve seen them ride you will know what i’m talking about!). After the sun had sunk into the surrounding skyline and dinner and some pool at the local pub, we called it a day and headed back for a good night’s sleep for the jam in the morning.   


The high seat boys.


The next morning I rose pretty early knowing what was in front of me, so after a coffee at the Airbnb, I headed down the triple set of stairs to our cobblestone alleyway that was our front yard for the weekend. It was a 10 minute pedal to D-street and Jimmahs place passing the famous Richmond 13 stair that Jake had put his stamp on the day before. I got to the boys place who had already loaded up one of the cars and were starting on the next. We piled on all sorts of pre-made bits and pieces for the jam all ready to be assembled before a 1 pm for kickoff. When we arrived at the banks, the jump hadn’t quite dried out from the rain the day before, but Harrison had no problems getting a fire lit on the take-off to help. After a few hours of fire, a couple of boards got screwed into the ground and the jump was ready for take-off. Mitch, D-Street, and I assembled the spine, while everyone else was busy building curve wallrides, a 9 meter down ledge, a number of rails and ledges and the iconic quarter pipe. The gap to rail was a real favorite of mine and put on an epic display of BMX radness


Morning of the jam build.


The clock hit 1pm and there was a good show of new and old crews from previous years, heaps of familiar faces and guys that had traveled to be there which was sick to see. I won’t go through everything that happened as it would take all day, but what went down was captured for the video of the jam, you can watch that right now HERE.

Jimmah and Dylan had $1500 in cash to hand out for the day so the level of riding was damn insane, people really went above and beyond on their bikes for a chance to grab some money.I will give a few highlights from each of the events throughout the day. 



The Curve Wallride

The idea of a curve wall is pretty simple, how-ever the art of getting around a curve wall can be a whole other thing. A 180-degree turnaround out of a bank and returning back to said bank was erected and the fellas started taking laps. After already claiming a few bodies (namely Boyd and Lewis prior to the jam) The crowd was revved up and ready to scream! A highlight for me here was watching Pete Mayer wallride around the wall and pop out over the end of it back to flat on the other side. After a few slams, he handled it and won the cash!



Street Course

Next up was a plethora of flat rails, up and down ledges, wavy ledges and up ledges with mod wood. This is always a popular time at a jam as a flat rail is far less intimidating than a 1-meter high curved wall. There was plenty of stand-out riding that went on in the street section, however, the highlight for me was watching young Samual Grace 180 backflip out of a 2-foot high in-n-out. It was my first time meeting Sam and he didn’t stop impressing the boys all day!



The Quarter Pipe

If you have ever been to or seen a Flem banks jam before, you would have noticed that a popular attraction was a quarter pipe built on the top of a bank. This year was no different as Jimmah and D-street paid homage to the iconic quarter, this thing had like a foot of vert!  All the dudes went off on the quarter! Some used it as a take-off to go left into the bank, some put their pegs to work on the top and some just sent it. One rider decided that airs and stalls weren’t enough and gifted us all with one hell of a hurricane! (Think a 540 tap on the coping with little time on the back wheel). Pete walked away with some cash and the gap to rail was up next! 



Gap to Rail

When we arrived in the morning Jimmah had mentioned he wanted a gap to rail over the water. Knowing how Jimmah rides I knew this was going to be a sick obstacle to keep an eye on. When the gates opened the stream of BMX riders started to flow down the bank and over the gap. I’ll leave what happened for you to see in the video but I will say that Jacman gave us a tyre ride to double bar, among many other crazy tricks! 


The Dirt Jump

It was around 6pm when the final obstacle of the day was called on to ride. The dirt jump that had been built 2 days prior was still a little soggy, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the boys that were lining up to shred. The maidan lap happened and then it was on! The meter-wide lander made from timber was the perfect addition to the jump and fit the aesthetic of the jam well. Heaps of bum slides but no broken bones, a highlight here was watching Samual Grace 270 downside whip from the take-off into the bank. 



After all the riding was over, there was only one thing left to do, announce the ‘maddest riddah of the day. Originally this was a $500 prize for one rider, however, after all the madness that went down, Jimmah and D-street thought it was only right that both Sam and Pete were named the Maddest riddah’s of the day. The boys both cleaned up with few greenbacks and the Jam was done. 


Now the riding was done it was time for all involved to go and enjoy a few hard-earned coconut margaritas and talk about all the craziness from the day. I personally want to give a massive thanks to Jimmah, D-Street, all of their crew and all the brands that made this all possible. Without these people and brands we wouldn’t have jams and events like this, so thank you! 


These two dudes! 


To wrap it all up, the Flemington banks jam was a massive success. A huge thank you to everyone that was there riding, helping build, supporting, yelling and having a good time! It’s the people that show up to these events that make them so epic. Without the 100’s of people screaming and shouting to see a trick landed, the atmosphere just wouldn’t be the same. 



Huge congratulations to Pete Mayer and Samual Grace for taking home the best riders of the day, both of you dudes killed it and put on a real show for everyone there.

Finally, thanks to all the sponsors that supported the Jam, and LUXBMX for making it an epic first Flem banks jam for me! 

There is a full video live on the youtube channel right now! So if you weren’t able to make it you won’t miss out on the Mayhem!




Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 20 December 2021  

The LUXBMX Boxing Week sale is now on! We're on a well earned Christmas/New Years break. We've loaded hundreds of in stock items into our epic sale category including some of your favourite products with discounts up to 60% to make up for the extra wait in shipping!

These items are running out quick and will not be replenished until after the sale so don't sleep! As always, let us know if you need a helping hand with anything BMX related (and even things that aren't)...

 Our staff will be having a hard earned break with a skeleton crew around to get orders sent and customer service enquiries attended to.

Please note that during this time there may be shipping delays due to public holidays and general congestion of the freight networks. Our showroom will close from 4pm on Christmas Eve and re-open on Tuesday January the 4th.

We hope you have a relaxing and safe holiday break and we'll see you back in the New Year!

Showroom Hours

Monday 20th December: 10am-4pm

Tuesday 21st December: 10am-4pm

Wednesday 22nd December: 10am-4pm

Thursday 23rd December: 10am-4pm

Friday 24th December - Christmas Eve: 10am-4pm

Saturday 25th December - Christmas Day: CLOSED

Sunday December 26th - Monday 3rd January: CLOSED

Tuesday 4th January - Business as usual: 10am-4pm


Customer Service Hours

Monday 20th December: 10am-4pm

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Saturday 25th December - Christmas Day: CLOSED

Sunday 26th December - Tuesday 28th December  : CLOSED

Wednesday 29th December: 10am-4pm

Thursday 30th December: 10am-4pm

Friday 31st December - Monday 3rd January:  CLOSED

Tuesday 4th January - Business as usual: 10am-4pm


Author: Tim   Date Posted: 19 October 2021  

Odyssey accessories are in!

Odyssey have been making some of the raddest bmx parts for decades, we just got a whole drop of some of the new Odyssey accessories and they look real good! 

Starting with the very popular Odyssey switch pack in navy blue or black. This bag is perfect for heading out without the big bag, strap it to the frame and hit some spots on your afternoon cruise without losing your stuff out of your pockets! 

Next up is the Odyssey travel tool. Featuring a 17mm extension, 4,5,6 and 8 mm allen keys, 15 mm pedal wrench. Perfect for getting your bike packed down into your bike bag or for fixing your bike on the go, these slim line designed tools fold away and fit in the Odyssey switch bag. 

Stay safe on the way home from the session with the Odyssey LED lights, these lights clip to your bike easy and feature;

  • Uses CR2032 Batteries (3X)
  • Front: White LED @ 15 Lumens
  • Rear: Red LED @ 3 Lumens


Chuck some tyre levers in the kit before you head out and to make those flat tyres a little easier to deal with.  

Sometimes you need a simple affordable backpack. The Odyssey Gamma backpack is a simple backpack that will fit everything you need for a day in the streets or a trip for a few weeks.

Featuring: Large main compartment for everyday items

  • Padded laptop pouch
  • Smaller, easy access front pocket
  • Reinforced base material
  • Debossed patches for external attachments
  • Padded back and shoulder straps


Check out everything Odyssey at for all your Odyssey needs! 


Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 19 October 2021  

Stress BMX X Federal custom BMX Bike 


We have been looking forward to building this custom for the showroom floor! Stress BMX is the newest brand in Australia thanks to the legends over at family distribution. With a heavy emphasis on street riding and lifetime warranty across many of Stress’s products these bikes are built to be ridden, hard! If you watched the Vans Circle video competition, you would have seen the Stress team putting their bikes to the test, so it’s no surprise that their trademark slogan reads “only hard us allowed” 






We couldn’t wait to get stuck into this build, keeping Stress as the main brand across the bike and filling some gaps with Federal parts. This bike features a Stress “the crew” frame in 21 inch. The crew frame is an allrounder street orientated frame. The short back end on this bike makes it easier to throw around and comes with invested casted drop outs and wishbone. We decided to use Federal wheels both front and back as they come with all the guards and can put up with the abuse that grinding puts on the bike. Paired up with the 4.5” federal alloy/plastic pegs, this thing is ready to grind bump and chink on just about everything you put in front of it! 





If you're looking to build a new custom bike or would like to come and check out some stuff, hit the website or drop by and say what's up! 





Full parts list below and build video on the way!   


Frame- Stress The crew frame (21”)

Headset- Stress BMX Spinset headset

Forks- Stress BMX Voskhod Forks

Bars- Stress BMX Sports Bars (9.44”)

Grips- Stress BMX MB soft grips

Cranks- Stress BMX Railhop Cranks (165mm)

Bottom Bracket- Federal Mid Bottom bracket (22mm)

Sprocket- Stress BMX Penta Sprocket (25t)

Pedals- Federal command Plastic pedals 

Seatpost- Stress BMX pivotal seatpost

Seat- Federal Mid pivotal pinstripe seat

Rear wheel- Federal Stance motion freecoaster wheel with guards

Front wheel- Federal Stance pro front wheel with guards

Tyres- Stress BMX Wolfgrip tyres 20x2.4

Pegs- Federal 4.5 in plastic/alloy pegs

Chain- Federal half link chain (black)





Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 19 October 2021  

More going on then Santa on chritmas eve!  


If you have ridden BMX in the past 10 years you have probably at some point picked up a phone or camera and filmed a clip of yourself to post on your social media pages. If you have been riding for longer than that then perhaps you’ve even filmed clips of yourself and made an edit. Being able to document BMX has been something that I have loved ever since I saw Animal Cuts and Fit-Life. Going out with your friends on the weekend, filming your best tricks at the time and being able to share that with your peers is something I have always found pretty special. All those years later, and I still get stoked on filming BMX and making videos about it. 

From full length parts to raw clips of sessions with the crew, along with leftover B-sides from other sick projects we have been pumping out lately!  

From the Vans Circle project we were invited to this year we have a bunch of sick B-sides and B-roll that never made the edit, you can see Boyd Hilder, Jake Norris, Alex Hiam, Brock Olive, Mitch Campbell and myself (Tim Storey) riding spots around brisbane and the gold coast. 

After 2 months of filming, injuries, lockdowns and rain we were stoked on what we achieved and coming in 4th place we can’t wait to have another crack next year! 

See all the B-side/raw clips from those sessions below:




Next up we have something coming from Troy Charlesworth. If you don’t know Troy you might have heard of or seen some of his previous BMX videos. Making full lengths like the 2020 videos and About Time as well as multiple web parts including Jason Watts for Haro, Boyd for Odyssey, Alex for Fox and many more. His most recent full length project titled “Tear Da Club” features a good mix of Aussie heavy-weights, filmed in Beijing, China, Melbourne, Brisbane and Rockhampton. Tear Da Club will feature full sections from Jake Norris, Dylan Steinhardt, James Pease, Guy Perrett and a heap of mixes from a bunch of crew from all over! This isn’t something that comes around all the time so keep your eyes peeled for a release date and premiere; no doubt it will be a big one! Here are some of the leftovers that won’t be making the final product, but are still worth showing the world! First up is Denby Chandler, showing us in true Denby style that he’s as powerful and explosive as ever on a bike!



Brock Olive has been part of the LUXBMX family for almost a decade now and has put out some insane videos over the years, these leftovers are no different. Control, style and poise all in one!



Jake Norris has been on a mission the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down. The Rockhampton native makes the best out of the spots he has up there and does a lot of driving to see the boys in Brisbane frequently. No surprises that Jake’s leftovers are most of our bangers!



When I moved back home from China I flew to Melbourne and spent some time down there. Troy came with the trusty HPX and we were able to film a few things around the place. As someone who films lots of the boys, it’s always a nice feeling to have someone you can trust behind the lense.



Finally we have some clips of Boyd Hilder that were filmed during the lockdowns as Boyd was filming his ‘Locked Down Unda' part for Odyssey. Boyd is hands down one of the best riders in the world and watching him ride is always a treat, watch 10+ minutes of Boyd shutting down Brisbane to the Gold Coast.


 If you liked any of these video make sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any! 





Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 24 September 2021  

Jake Norris is back in Brisbane this weekend. We've been finishing off a project we have been working on in the shop here that you will be able to see soon. He has been going hard on this part with limited time and injuries it's been a hectic time but in true Jake fashion he has been handling it easily. 

Heres the full list of parts below! 

Frame : BSD Safari V2 21”

Forks: BSD Jonesin 22mm Offset


Bars: BSD Raiders25.4 mm oversized clamp

Front wheel: BSD Street pro mind wheel

Back Wheel BSD Revolution mind free wheel

Stem: BSD stacked 25.4 mm oversized clamp

Headset: BSD low integrated headset

Grips: BSD Paley slim grips

Sprocket: BSD barrier guard sprocket


Chain: BSD 1991 half link chain

Cranks: BSD substance XL V2  cranks 

BB: BSD substance mid bottom brackets

Pedals :BSD jonesin pedals

Pegs: BSD Rude Tube LT XL Plastic Peg

Tyres: BSD Donnastreet Folding Kevlar Tyre

Shop for all these parts at


Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 21 September 2021  

Hell yeah Aus BMX!

BMX DVD’s are becoming fewer and fewer, with the internet taking most of our attention and watch time, it’s no surprise that the humble DVD has made its way to the back of the shelf. As someone that has a huge collection of BMX dvd’s it’s a little disheartening to think that the future may not have any more DVD’s coming. 

When I heard B-dog was making another Australian full length video I was excited to see what these dudes had been working on since my knowledge of trails riding is very limited. The premier was set of ACTJAM 2021 and the day couldn't have been a better display of BMX, a huge box jump, a quarter pipe and hundreds of people getting ready to watch another great Australian BMX DVD! 

(B-dog filming Ranch Hand. Photo by James Gillbert )

Brendan “B-Dog” Boeck started Ranch hand as a “spot documentary” of snails trail’s down in Canberra, but like many video projects in BMX it started to develop into something much more than just a documentary of one spot. As time went by, trips happened and before he knew it B-Dog was stuck into a full length BMX movie!  This video is predominantly focused on the Australian trails scene, mainly filming at Snail Trails, Valley View trails and Wamboin trails, with trips to Beeries, HVT and Hillfire.

Filmed over 4 years with the help of James Fox and Joe Ball, the term ranch hand came from B-Dog referring to Will’s place as the “ranch”, “I would always say, see ya babe I’m heading to the Ranch” Building trails is more than just piling dirt, it’s an art form and requires hours and hours of work and experience. These guys have spent years putting in the hard work with their hands to develop these spots that feature throughout the video. In a sense these guys are the ranch hands of the trails and have worked tirelessly to create some incredible looking spots up and down the coast of Australia.

With a run time of 90 minutes and 60+ riders, Ranch Hand is an epic representation of what BMX can be if you put the work in! B-dog has added a little more to the DVD with a stubby cooler and Ranch Hand sticker. We can only hope that Ranch Hand will be the catalyst for many more AusBMX dvds to come! 




Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 25 August 2021  

Buying a BMX bike this year! 

Since the beginning of BMX in the 1970’s there has been a huge increase in brands that make bikes, the technology going into the bikes and the styles of frames that are being made. Naturally this is a progression with many industries and as time goes on we will only see more and more. Although this gives the consumer more options and variations of bikes to buy, it also means the process when choosing the perfect bike for you can become more difficult due to the amount of options there are out there! 

Firstly when looking at BMX bikes in 2021 there are two lanes you can take, building a custom bike from scratch and choosing each individual part or buying a complete bike off the floor and riding it out of the showroom. Although traditionally buying a complete bike can mean a lower quality bike, using more generic parts and lesser quality frame materials has been the way of the past. In 2021 buying a complete bike has moved more toward high end “custom” style complete bikes. With many professional riders having their own signature bikes with the companies they represent. 


Hi Tensile vs CrMo

Starting with complete bikes at the lower end of the price spectrum you would be likely to find Hi tensile steel frame, fork and bar. Hi tensile steel is made from a combination of alloys and carbon to create a strong durable metal commonly used in bike frames. Although these frames are made from steel, they aren’t going to be able to hold up to the constant abuse of BMX riding. These bikes are more designed for your first bmx bike, a commuter bike or something that won’t be ridden like a bmx bike. BMX companies make these bikes because the lower price range allows more people to  access BMX and get into the sport without spending thousands on their first bike. These styles of complete bikes are traditionally the entry point for many riders into the sport, however these bikes will only hold up to beginner to intermediate riders. 

 Like hi tensile steel, CrMo is a combination of metals, but is lighter and more durable then hi tensile steel. CrMo is an alloy of steel made with chromium and molybdenum, which makes this steel lighter, more durable and "premium" than Hi-Tensile steel. CrMo frames are used throughout the industry by all BMX brands as the quality is more superior, especially when heat treating is used on the CrMo tubing. It’s because of the better quality that these frames are naturally more expensive, however the life of these frames will be more than that of a hi tensile steel frame. As a rule of thumb if you aren’t going to be jumping your bike, and putting it under high stress then a hi tensile frame would be fine for you. CrMo frames would be more suited to the rider that has been riding for a while and has passed into that intermediate to advance skill level. 


Nowadays we are spoiled from brands when it comes to buying a new bike with most companies making complete bikes these days. From supporting local to shopping aboard most BMX bikes are pretty similar with some brands separating themselves from the rest with innovative casting technology on high stress areas of the bikes and frames. Some companies use a process of post heat treating certain tubing to make them more rigid and durable. If you're looking for an entry level Australian brand bike to get into BMX there are several offerings that will be perfect for you. Companies like Forgotten bike co, Division brand, Academy and Colony all offer entry level bikes at a reasonable price. If your looking at bikes under the $400-$500 then you will be looking at hi tensile frame fork and bars, with more generic parts. However if you where to look at one of Colony's top end bikes, say the Sweet tooth pro bike, you are going to find sealed bearings, full CrMo frame, fork and bar, plus all the top of the line Colony BMX Brand components. 

American brand Kink Bike Co have a huge offering of bikes ranging from the 12” push bikes to top of the line complete bikes. Looking at the Nathan Williams bike is a great example of a top end complete bike. Featuring parts from sister brand Cinema, this bike features 100% CrMo frame with specs the same as the Nathan Williams signature frame. Aftermarket forks and bars from Kink with a whole bunch of aftermarket parts from Cinema. If you were to build this bike you would end up paying substantially more than the complete. So in this scenario a complete bike would be the best option. Wethepeople is another brand that have pushed quality in complete bikes, making some of the best complete bikes we have seen over the years. Innovative designs, aftermarket parts and affordable prices have made Wethepeople one of the brands leading the race when it comes to complete bikes. Like most companies WTP offer a range of bikes from the cheaper hi tensile type bikes to the top end full CrMo bikes. The Wethepeople envy is their top of the line bike, unlike the Kink Willaims bike this bike isn't anyone’s signature, but features aftermarket parts and progressive bmx geometry in the frame forks and bars.


Building a custom 

Here at LUXBMX we love seeing sick customs head out the door to our customers. Knowing that the customer has received the exact bike they were after and being able to build some rad looking bikes keeps us hella stoked. When your building a custom bike the main barrier for most riders is budget. Generally a custom bike will be substantially more expensive then a complete bike, however the quality will show. For example, looking back to the Wethepeople envy, the frame, fork, wheels and cranks almost equal the price of this bike. If you were to build the Envy complete bike from scratch you wouldn’t be able to do so as cheap as just buying the bike. Building a complete custom will give you the bike you have always wanted though, so if budget isn’t a problem them a custom bike is for sure the way to go! Some customers will buy a complete and then replace certain things from the original to make it a little more custom. This works well when the complete bike is similar to what they are trying to achieve. Looking at the cheaper side of building custom bikes, some brands come with a sister company that offers slightly cheaper parts coming out of the same factory. Wethepeople + Salt, Subrosa + Rant, Kink + Mission. These sister brands can be used to build cheaper customs as the parts are cheaper but the quality is still there. For example Salt offers the Vertex freecoaster, this hub is cheaper then all Eclat and Wethepeople freecoasters but features the same internals as the Eclat cortex freecoaster which is more expensive.


What to make of it all?

When it comes to buying a new bike whether you get it off the side of the road, from a  mate, or you're building up your dream custom, the important thing is that you're rolling! If you are looking at buying a new bike, wanting to get into the sport or are ready to upgrade up your ride to something next level, we will have everything you need to get started. Contact the guys at LUXBMX at or get in contact via socials! 




Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 26 July 2021  

BMX is in the Olympics! 

Natalya Diehm flairing her way to the Olympics

Whether you're a fan or not it’s hard not to hear about BMX being in the Olympics for 2021 (2020). Here at LUXBMX we love everything BMX and it has been in many conversations around the shop. Next Saturday and Sunday we will be able to watch freestyle BMX for the first time ever on the main stage, that is the Olympics. With the last couple years of uncertainty, it has made it increasingly difficult for our athletes to know when or if the games were even going to happen. However, after what I could imagine would seem like an eternity, our riders are there and ready to represent the country in the best way possible. Logan Martin and Natalya Diehm have been selected to ride for Australia and we really couldn’t have chosen better role models to do the job. After a long qualification process Australia were leading the race and were able to have two representatives for the males (Logan and Brandon) and one for the women's spot allowed to ride the Olympics. Unfortunately at the final qualification contest in Montpellier, France last month Brandon Loupos suffered an ACL injury stopping his journey to Tokyo dead in its tracks. With all the qualification done and everyone into their final weeks of training the excitement from the outsiders perspective has really started to build!  

Natalya is a recent addition to the LUXBMX team and we couldn’t be more stoked for her!  Australia has put their best riders forward that were chosen through a complicated process of gathering points by winning specific competitions set up by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale). As the governing body of the Cycling in the Olympics these events have (in a way) separated BMX competitions from Olympic events, and with the current lack of events these UCI qualifiers seemed to be the only thing happening through the whole shut down last year. While sitting at the pub on the weekend, skateboarding popped up on a screen and it was rad to see a more “unconventional” sport on such a big platform in front of so many eyes. Knowing we are only a few days away from seeing the BMX on the same stage it will be exciting to see the end result of all the hard work that the guys and girls have been putting in to make it there.  

The Australian BMX cycling team in Tokyo 

Here at LUXBMX we have been lucky enough to build some of the wheels and bikes that are heading off to the Olympics using some of the best products in the industry. We can't wait to see the guys get on course and do their best. Natalya has been riding for Hyper for the past year and for good reason. She has been working hard in the “hot box”, a bmx training facility that was purpose built for the athletes to ride, leading into the Olympics. Built by none other than Qld’s very own Jason Watts the Olympics has created more opportunity for BMX riders then some might have thought. Natalya’s bike was built up at LUXBMX using an array of the best products with some subtle touches to make it that little bit more of a special ride. 

Starting with a Hyper Indy frame which is Australian cycling team-mate Logan Martin’s signature frame matched up with hyper forks and bars, this bike was built with a gold medal in mind!  Using green profile hubs kitted out with titanium, Natalya wanted to make sure her bike was light enough to feel comfortable while she was throwing it around on the ramps. We take bikes seriously here at LUXBMX and this thing was built with the utmost attention to detail, making sure Natalya has the best chance when she drops in on the weekend!

Seeing the progression of the sport in this sub genre that is competitive freestyle park riding over the past few years has been mind melting, watching tricks get done at such a consistent level over obstacles that are bigger than ever before is adding a whole new element to BMX. The thought of quint (5) tailwhips 5 years ago was a pipe dream for so many but with the progression of ramps and bikes these “impossible” tricks are becoming more and more prevalent in competition. We can only hope that some of these massive tricks are put on display over the weekend and the world is able to see how gnarly BMX can be, even in one of the most controlled environments freestyle BMX has ever seen. With a huge emphasis on freestyle having no rules and being an expression of self on the bike, the idea of being judged like a gymnast might be a foreign concept to most BMX riders. After seeing all the growth BMX has had in the past years we can only hope that this trend will follow after the Olympics bringing more into this lifestyle that we all love so much. With freestyle BMX only days away from being shown on one of the biggest platforms in the world we can only hope that it will be received well by the masses!  

Although the future of freestyle BMX in the Olympics isn't certain like many sports on the roster, we can only hope that Natalya and Logan do their absolute best! The fact that BMX has made it this far from its humble beginnings at some rough dirt jumps and strange old bikes to the world stage with some of the best BMX riders and progressive parts in the world shows how far we have come in the past 50 years! 

Be sure to tune into the women's BMX freestyle on the 31/07 at 11:10am and 12:20 for the men's freestyle to cheer on Logan and Natalia! Given all things go well you will need to tune into the finals the following day (1/8/2021) at 11:10am for the womens and 12:20pm for the mens! Good luck from everyone here at LUXBMX! 

See all the information for BMX freestlye at the Olympics below.




Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 6 July 2021  

Go BMXing Day at LUXBMX! 

Another year and another reason to celebrate BMX in every way possible! To show our appreciation for the sport that has brought us all together, LUXBMX wanted to get a bunch of legends together for a good old fashioned day of BMX and good times with BMX riders of all kinds. The date was set and the weather was looking a little wet but we decided to go ahead with the day, and thankfully the rain held off for the majority of the day and let us get a few good sessions in. 

Starting at the shop there was a small impromptu ride on the ramp with some local dudes and friends of the shop, that got pretty heated! With some of the young bloods all fired up and on school holidays it was rad to see some new people ride the ramp and put their spin on it. After a few laps we headed off to the first stop of the day, which was Fairfield skatepark. There is something special about mobbing the streets with your friends and on the 26th of June we had a gang of people blocking off the streets on the way to Fairfield. Using the bike path we were able to see who could hold a manual the longest and I think it goes without saying that Timmy Right got this medal on the day! 

Fairfield skatepark has been deep in Brisbane's bmx roots since it’s construction and the local fellas were straight to shredding. After the dudes finished ripping the park apart, Jon Mackellar made the call and the high jump pole was erected on the funbox in the center of the park and the continuous train began! (Thank you to our front man Dale for not only bringing the high jump pole but constructing it earlier in the week!

High Jump is something that everyone can be involved in, and it was sick seeing racers and freestylers alike having a go at the pole. Mikael Carter really showed the freestylers what a 24inch cruiser can do at the skatepark and in my opinion won the high jump competition! After all the riding was done it was time for the adults (and some of the kids) to head to Slipstream Brewery and after a small detour we made it to wet our whistles and chat about the day! 

Massive thankyou to everyone that made the effort to come along and get in on the fun! More events on the way so keep your eyes peeled! Enjoy a small recap of the day I was able to film between the madness during the day!




Author: Tim   Date Posted: 17 June 2021  

Kuraby BMX Jam- An afternoon delight.

For some reason getting a bunch of your mates together to ride a skatepark is something that all BMX riders can appreciate. Having a whole mob of dudes sitting around yelling and screaming, pumping each other up and sessioning a park you have ridden a 1000 times can be some of the best times you can have on your bike. With a date set and a rough idea in mind, Kuraby Jam was set to happen and the weather turned it on for the day! Supported by a few legends including Dead Leisure, BMX International Distribution and Monster Energy everything was set for a ripper of an afternoon. 


No BMX jam is complete without a few core elements and for this day it was a bunny hop comp and some DIY ramps built from pallets and old plywood. With the help of a couple of fellas, the ramps were bolted into the ground and the day was well and truly underway! A chilled Saturday session was the idea and that's exactly what happened. There is something about a mellow step-up lander that will have riders running a continuous loop, and the whirlpool was definitely in effect on this Saturday afternoon. So many crazy things happened over this hip but a very memorable one for me was Mitch Mcgowan 450 double whipping and 450 bar to bar back, over the hip! Unfortunately amongst all the chaos, I missed the 450 double whip, but for the guys that were there, you know what I’m talking about!    


After an hour or so of constant hip abuse and the bunny hop poles were set up, with the train starting and a bunch of riders geared up to give it their best hop. Ending with LUXBMX pick-pack man Sean Garnder battling Alex Hiam for the top spot. Sean pipped him at the post and cleared 46 inches! It was then time for the street guys to have a go,  an up-rail got dyna-bolted into the bank which made for a good session. It wasn’t long before the train had started again this time on the up-rail with a plethora of tricks and spins heading up the rail


With all the green Aaron Ross grips handed out and the sun setting behind the train lines it was almost a wrap, but not without a product toss for all the kids that made the effort to come out that day. Stickers and shirts rained from the top of the bowl and they were quickly swooped up by all the young punters. Thanks to everyone that came out that day, massive thanks to the sponsors on the day BMX International, Dead Leisure and Monster Energy for all the prizes, music and drinks and we look forward to the next one! Until then here is a video from the day, don’t forget to subscribe to the LUXBMX youtube channel for more of these sorts of videos!


Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 2 June 2021  

Dave Dillewaard’s New Kink Backwoods build! 

Dave is LUXBMX’s workshop man, mechanic extraordinaire amongst many other things! After a lifetime of being a professional BMX rider, he knows what he likes and won’t settle for anything else. He recently built up a new Kink Backwoods frame with all the bells and whistles Dave loves. Keep an eye out for some fresh footage of Dave riding the backyard ramp here at LUXBMX on his new rig! See the full parts list below.



Frame - Kink Backwoods 21.25"

Fork - Eclat Storm 30mm

Bars - Kink Williams 9.25”

Stem - S&M Enduro 52mm

Grips - ODI Stay Strong




Headset - Eclat Wave 16mm

Cranks - Demolition Revolt 175mm

Sprocket - Demolition Mugatu Chromo Spline Drive 25T

Pedals - BSD Jonesin'

Chain - Fly Tractor

BB - Eclat 19mm




Hubs - Profile Minis w/ Ti driver

Rims - Demolition Zero

Spokes - Spectre Ti w/ Salt Alloy Nipples

Tyres - Odyssey Aitken K-Lyte 2.25"

Pegs - Kink Park II




Seat - Odyssey Monogram

Post - Demolition

Brake Caliper - Fly Manual CNC 

Lever - Odyssey Mono Medium

Cable - Odyssey SLS Linear




“Shout out to Scotty at BMXi for the Odyssey and Eclat gear and Corey at Advanced traders for the frame!” - Dave Dillewaard



Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 10 May 2021  

LUXBMX Game of B.I.K.E 

In March LUXBMX and Boyd Hilder got together with Young Henrys and Vans to put on the first official game of bike on the backyard ramp! Since recovering from an injury and not being able to get to any of the year's events Boyd decided it was time to take action into his own hands. After such a successful “off the couch” jam, Boyd got to work on organising a group of riders that love riding tech and are known to send it! A traditional game of B.I.K.E on the ramp was the plan and before we knew it we were all sitting on the deck with a Young Henrys Newtowner in hand.

Each game hosted two riders battling out to move onto the next round, battling to the top spot for that $500 cash prize, with runner up getting $200 and third a carton of delicious Young Henrys Newtowner. First up was Jay Loennker hailing from Coolum bowl and representing the sunny coast bulldogs, Jay knew he had his work cut out for him and wasn't holding back. Next out of the hat was Mitch Cambell coming from the brownest of plains, Mitch has a wide range of tricks making this first game a ripper! 


Next up was a head to head between Alex Hiam and Clint Millar. With such a different trick book these two guys rode around their usual trick selections making for a sick game. Millar was able to deal Alex a few blows before Alex unloaded the plethora of tricks we know him for. 


The third game of the day was a matchup between tech assassins Lachlan Kirkwood, who is known for putting 4+ tricks into every combo he does. Verse the Italian footjam master Patterico Fallico. Firing back at Kirkwood’s toe-crushing sets with his deep bag of technical deck stalls and crazy barspin variations. This is a game you don't want to miss! 


Two imports to the great sunny state of QLD, Sean and Kai were next to battle it out on the ramp. Working at LUXBMX and getting "a couple" of practice laps in, Sean had a clear advantage over the sunny coast dweller, but Kai didn’t let that get his mood(y) down and fought back with the biggest smile of the day. Plenty of wild stuff from both these dudes made for an absolute spectacle of a game


Multifaceted, multidisciplinary all-rounders Jon and Vaux were two hot topics of conversation when their names were drawn. If you have ever seen them both ride you will know that their bags of tricks don’t seem to end and the creativity of tricks doesn’t seem to run out. With tricks like “jeep drivers” and double foot-plants this game isn’t something you’ll want to miss.  


If you have been around the Brisbane BMX scene for the past 20 years the name Jerry V might mean something to you.  It was an absolute pleasure to watch him paired up with our very own customer service man Dale Hodgson. Will Jerry V be able to handle the curve balls that Dale is about to deal out? Or will Jerry use his experience to get one step closer to that top spot of $500 


Stay tuned for the next round of games, and don't forget to subscribe to the channel!



Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 29 March 2021  

We're about to hit a pretty big milestone here at the LUXBMX HQ. Our order counter is about to tick over one hundred thousand!

To celebrate this momentous achievement we've decided that the lucky customer who places the magic order will receive the total of their order back as LUX BUX, up to a maximum of $1000! ie Order a $799 bike and you'll have $799 credit added straight to your account.

We're due to hit it any time now so get ordering and good luck! Will you be the lucky customer 100,000?


*Credit awarded will not exceed a total of $1000. Only the single order numbered 100,000 will win. Orders placed consecutively will be excluded. If any evidence of cheating or manipulation is discovered, LUXBMX reserves the right to not honour the prize.


Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 22 February 2021  

Whats Up? 

Boyd Hilder and Alex Hiam…


If you have been around in the Australian BMX scene the past 5 years the names Alex Hiam and Boyd Hilder probably sound pretty familiar. This is because guys have been smashing it when it comes to BMX for the past decade and the fruits have started to ripen. With both guys having signature frames and parts with their respected companies. Both these guys have been extremely busy, having a fair bit on the past few years, so we thought the end of 2020/ start of 2021 was a great time to catch up with the two and see what their lives have been like in the past year. 



Unfortunately for Boyd he has been on the sideline this year with a busted knee but is in good spirits and doing everything he can to get back into it. Boyd's rig of choice is of course his signature ICS2 Boyd Frame with a bunch of Odyssey and Federal parts to finish it off. We loved his bike so much we decided to build one up as a custom for a lucky customer. 


You can see that here:


Check out what Boyd has been doing since he hurt his knee, what he’s been doing to get better and everything else that's been going on in his life


Photo By Jerry V. 

Since the lockdowns first began, Alex didn’t let this slow him down and has used the emptier streets to get to work filming a BMX video part for Vans with local video man Troy Charlesworth. Shutting down the parks and streets of Brisbane and its surrounds have been on Alex’s to-do list and by the sounds of things he has been enjoying taking his time with this project. We can only imagine what craziness he has been working on and here at LUXBMX we can’t wait to see it finished!


Alex rides his signature Colony Sweettooth frame fork and bars with a bunch of colony parts finished off with his own little touch, from colours to stickers Alex’s bikes are always one of a kind. You can see all of Alex’s signature parts here: 



If you haven’t already, check out this new video of Alex replying to your questions, getting some lunch and even having a shred at one of Brisbane's most iconic rails! 




Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted: 15 December 2020  

Stocking fillers from LUXBMX this Christmas 

With Christmas just around the corner, LUXBMX is gearing up for another big year getting all the Christmas bikes out the door and in time for your Christmas morning. We know this time of the year can be tricky when it comes to getting all the right stocking filler and last-minute gifts before the big day we have made it a little easier for you. We have made it a little easier for you putting together a collection of bits and pieces for some last-minute gift ideas. 



See the stoke on Christmas morning with some Brock Radford signature Odyssey grip’s in more colours then you could ever need! LUXBMX has you covered when it comes to grips and so don’t miss out! 

For all those rainy days locked in the house during Australias wetter months, get your hands on this Fast and Loose DVD with team rider Cody Pollard plus many more local and foreign riders, filmed all over the world this is a must-have for all young shredders this Christmas.


Being riders ourselves we know what every young shredder actually needs this Christmas is a multi-tool and we have just that. Our very own LUXBMX tool kit comes with a 15mm pedal wrench, 5mm/6// double-sided Allen key, 15mm, 17mm and 19mm socket bits and a socket extension to suit riders with pegs. 



Last but not least no Christmas stocking is completed without a few stickers from your favourite brands including; Federal, Colony, BSD, Fitbike Co.  




From all of us here at LUXBMX have a Merry Christmas and if you have any questions contact us here.







Author: Mitch   Date Posted: 9 December 2020  


Need it for Christmas? 

We will be shipping orders right up until Thursday 24 December - but if you want to ensure you have your order in time for Christmas Day, these are our guaranteed order cut-offs for Express Post:

  • 2pm (AEST) Friday 18 December - for postcodes in the National Express Network
  • 2pm (AEST) Tuesday 15 December - all other locations (see below for a complete list and a detailed breakdown by postcode).

Important: Please consider either marking your parcel as Signature Not Required (you can select this option at the checkout), or allow an additional day in case the parcel cannot be delivered as no-one is home to sign, and you need to go to the post office the next day to collect it. 


 What happens if your parcel doesn't arrive in time? 

If you choose Express Post, order by the times/dates specified above, and your parcel does not arrive by Tuesday 24 December 2019, we will provide a credit for the value of the Express Post charge you paid on your order.  Just email us at to let us know. 


Regular Post

We cannot provide any guarantees around Regular Post, as the system can be pretty busy at this time of year! So if you need it for Christmas and it's getting close, we definitely recommend choosing Express Post.


Bike Delivery

Bike delivery times can vary greatly depending on location. While most metro areas will receive bikes within 2-6 business days some regional areas can take much longer. Please get in contact with us if you need a delivery date estimate at



Destination Area Cut-off Date - Order by 2pm Destination Postcode
ACT - Canberra CBD & Metro Friday, 18 December 2600-2601,0200-0250,3602-2639,2900-2920
ACT - Regional Thursday, 17 December 0251-0299
NSW - Sydney CBD & Metro Friday, 18 December 1000-1299, 2000-2009, 1300-1920, 2010-2249, 2555-2574, 2740-2786
NSW - Outer Metro Friday, 18 December 2250-2310, 2500-2530
NSW - Other Thursday, 17 December 2311-2338, 2340, 2348, 2350, 2351, 2413-2430, 2440, 2442, 2444, 2450, 2460, 2470, 2480, 2531-2554, 2575-2599, 2640, 2641, 2708, 2649-2650, 2653, 2665-2672, 2678, 2720-2730, 2787-2820, 2830, 2845-2877
NSW - Vic Border Thursday, 17 December 2640, 2641, 2708, 3689-3690
NSW - Rural Wednesday, 16 December 2339, 2341-2347, 2352-2412, 2431-2439, 2441, 2443, 2445-2449, 2451-2459, 2462-2469, 2471-2479, 2481-2483, 2642-2648, 2651, 2652, 2654-2664, 2673-2675, 2680-2707, 2709-2719, 2731-2739, 2821-2829, 2831-2844, 2878, 2879
NT - Darwin CBD Wednesday, 16 December 0800-0821
NT - Other Wednesday, 16 December 0828-0832,0850,0851,0860-0871,0900-0999
NT - Rural Friday, 11 December 0822,0835-0847,0852-0854,0872,0880-0889
QLD - Brisbane CBD & Metro Monday, 21 December 4000-4004,9000-9299, 4005-4209, 9400-9596
QLD - Gold Coast Monday, 21 December 2484-2490, 4210-4299; 9726;9728;9729
QLD - Outer Metro Monday, 21 December 4210-4305, 4350, 4500-4510, 4520, 4550-4601, 4650, 4655, 4670,9597-9599,9700-9799,9880-9919, 9400-9596
QLD - Other Friday, 18 December 4306-4349, 4351-4428, 4486-4487, 4494-4498, 4511-4519, 4602-4649, 4659-4669, 4671-4676, 4680, 4700-4703, 4740, 4810-4815, 4817, 4818, 4870,9920-9998
QLD - Rural Friday, 18 December 4454-4482, 4488-4493, 4521, 4677-4679, 4681-4699, 4704-4739, 4741-4809, 4816, 4819-4869, 4871-4899
SA - Adelaide CBD & Metro Friday, 18 December 5000-5005, 5800-5879, 5006-5199, 5880-5999
SA - Other Tuesday, 15 December 5203, 5211, 5214, 5223, 5238, 5241, 5244, 5251, 5253, 5255, 5260, 5264, 5267, 5268, 5271, 5277, 5280-5290, 5304, 5330, 5333, 5341, 5343, 5345, 5352, 5353, 5355, 5373, 5413, 5417, 5422, 5453, 5461, 5491, 5501, 5502, 5520, 5523, 5540, 5554, 5556, 5558, 5571, 5573-5576, 5600, 5602-5606, 5608, 5631, 5633, 5640, 5700, 5720
SA - Rural Friday, 11 December 5201, 5202, 5204-5210, 5212, 5213, 5220-5223, 5231-5237, 5240, 5242, 5243, 5245-5250, 5252, 5254, 5256-5259, 5261-5263, 5265-5266, 5269, 5270, 5272-5276, 5278, 5279, 5291-5303, 5306-5329, 5331, 5332, 5340, 5342, 5344, 5346-5351, 5354, 5356-5372, 5374-5412, 5414-5416, 5418-5421, 5430-5452 , 5454-5460, 5462, 5490, 5493, 5521, 5522, 5550, 5552, 5555, 5560, 5570, 5572, 5577-5583, 5601, 5607, 5609, 5630, 5632, 5641-5690, 5710, 5722-5749
TAS - Hobart CBD, Launceston Thursday, 17 December 7000-7003,7250, 7248- 7325,7900-7999
TAS - Rural Wednesday, 16 December 7020-7049,7054,7109-7216,7330-7500
VIC - Melbourne CBD & Metro Friday, 18 December 3000-3010, 8000-8399, 3011-3210, 8400-8899
VIC - Rural Wednesday, 16 December 3211-3220, 3335-3338, 3340*, 3350, 3353-3356, 3427-3429, 3550, 3552-3556, 3629-3632*, 3660-3661, 3750*-3755*, 3757*, 3765-3767, 3782, 3785-3796, 3800-3806, 3810*, 3825, 3840-3844, 3910-3915, 3930-3934, 3975-3977*
VIC Other Thursday, 17 December 3221-3334, 3341-3349, 3351-3352, 3357-3426, 3430-3549, 3551, 3557-3628, 3633-3659, 3662-3688, 3691-3749, 3756, 3758-3764, 3768-3781, 3783, 3797-3799, 3807-3809, 3811-3824, 3826-3839, 3845-3909, 3916-3929, 3935-3974, 3978-3999
WA - Perth CBD Friday, 18 December 6000-6005,6800-6899
WA - Perth Metro Thursday, 17 December 6006-6214,6900-6999
WA - Other Wednesday, 16 December 6215-6699
WA - Rural Friday, 11 December 6700-6770


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Odyssey Aitken Street Tyre (Each)

20 x 2.45
20 x 2.25

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