Fit Bike Co 2019 Complete Bike Shoots- Behind the scenes...

Author: Toby   Date Posted:16 October 2018 

We're so proud to have the Fit Bike Co 2019 Complete Bike range in store.  This years bikes have blown us away yet again.  The smallest details are taken care of, and the end result is a range of quality BMX bikes, created by BMXers, for BMXers.  You cannot have a negative experience being introduced to Bicycle Motocross on one of these vessels.  To top it off, the selection of signature models, which are true replicas of the bikes the Fit Pro Team ride, are out of this world.  Click HERE to see all 2019 Fit Bike Co models, many of which have their very own preview videos within.  Be sure to check the Chris Harti and Joey Bagz vids, they are so dialled!

Even the catalogue that accompanies these bikes is a work of art.  The video below is an in depth look at excatly what went into the making of this, and again shows the love behind this brand.  We have a bunch of these catalogues in store, and one also comes with every 2019 Fit Bike...Enjoy the watch!