How-To Splatter you BMX with Alex Hiam

Author: Tim   Date Posted:10 April 2020 

Get Off the Couch with Alex Hiam 

Spending all this time at home can sometimes push us to the couch in front of the TV for hours on end. BMX DVDs and current BMX edits can only last so long before the inevitable happens... While watching Tiger King is entertaining there are certainly better things to be done that involve getting off the couch using up some of that creative energy that's been building up. LUXBMX and Alex Hiam have something for you that will keep you entertained for a good few hours and leave you with a sick looking ride!

Over the years Alex has shown us his creativity through both his bike riding and his time off the bike with art, yoga, exercise, cooking and 'listening to bulk music'. Having a strong connection to street art Alex has always shown interest and passion when making his bikes just the way he likes them, COLOURFUL. Since we have all been locked down with the current social situation that's been thrust upon us, Alex has been getting creative with his 2020 Colony Sweettooth build. Alex wanted to give everyone a run-through on how he adds to his bike after he has it rolling perfect.


Looking for things to do during times like these can be difficult. With the skate parks shut down and many public areas being closed, riding is becoming increasingly difficult. Having ridden for over a decade and dealing with injuries and other times off his bike. Alex has been spending his time honing his creative energy into something that keeps Alex occupied while adding to his current bike. Alex has always had an interest in art and creating, from his stickers on his bike to his love for sketching and painting. Alex wanted to unravel the truth behind how he creates his personalized Signature Sweettooth bikes


With some sound advice and helpful hints, Alex walks you through the process of Splattering your bike! Alex uses a variety of methods to get the desired result, stressing that being free and doing what YOU want is the beauty behind splattering your bike.  

Click play and watch Alex Splatter his 2020 Sweetooth Build. 




  • Spray Paint 

  • Small container/paint can lid

  • Something to splatter (bike)

  • Disposable rubber gloves(recommended)

  • And other stencils or anything you want to use to splatter/paint



  • Spray paint into a container and dip fingers, then flick.

  • Use stencils 

  • Have fun

  • There’s no right way to do it. 

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