100K Giveaway

Author: Mitch   Date Posted:29 March 2021 

We're about to hit a pretty big milestone here at the LUXBMX HQ. Our order counter is about to tick over one hundred thousand!

To celebrate this momentous achievement we've decided that the lucky customer who places the magic order will receive the total of their order back as LUX BUX, up to a maximum of $1000! ie Order a $799 bike and you'll have $799 credit added straight to your account.

We're due to hit it any time now so get ordering and good luck! Will you be the lucky customer 100,000?


*Credit awarded will not exceed a total of $1000. Only the single order numbered 100,000 will win. Orders placed consecutively will be excluded. If any evidence of cheating or manipulation is discovered, LUXBMX reserves the right to not honour the prize.

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