2017/2018 Holiday Period Trading Hours

Author: Mitch   Date Posted:21 December 2017 

Are we this close to Christmas already? What a crazy year! Below are our opening hours over the Christmas/New Year break.

Holiday Opening Hours

Friday 22nd December - 9am-5pm
Saturday 23rd December - 10am-3pm
Sunday 24th December - CLOSED
Monday 25th December - CLOSED
Tuesday 26th December - CLOSED
Wednesday 27th December - CLOSED
Thursday 28th December - 9am-5pm
Friday 29th December - 9am-5pm
Saturday 30th December - 10am-3pm
Sunday 31st December - CLOSED
Monday 1st January - Sunday 7th January - CLOSED
Monday 8th January - 9am-5pm


Shipping Schedule

Friday 22nd December - Shipping as usual.
Saturday 23rd December - Not shipping.
Sunday 24th December - Not shipping.
Monday 25th December - Not shipping.
Tuesday 26th December - Not shipping.
Wednesday 27th December - Shipping as usual.
Thursday 28th December - Shipping as usual.
Friday 29th December - Shipping as usual.
Saturday 30th December - Not shipping.
Sunday 31st December - Not shipping.
Monday 1st January - Sunday 7th January - Not shipping.
Monday 8th January - Shipping as usual.


We're still dispatching mailorders up until the 23rd for delivery after Christmas. If you're like us and haven't sorted out gifts already then never fear! You can pick up a gift voucher online HERE. The voucher can be emailed to the recipient straight away or you can even set the exact time and date you want it to be sent!

Hope everyone is having a great festive season and thanks for the support over the year!


Mitch, Ev and the LUXBMX Team