The Boys Shred Brisbane!

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:9 June 2020 

With everything that has happened in Australia and the world this year, BMX has remained fairly unscathed. For many of us, we have turned to our bikes and headed out for a roll with all the extra downtime many of us have experienced. Brock Denby and Norris are three guys that haven’t let the downtime get them down. Heading out every single weekend and filming something, these guys have really made the most of the empty streets and desolate public spaces. 

Brock Opposite Ice Grind in Perth

Living in Rockhampton, Jake has been making the trip down to Brisbane all year long. Putting in work on a full length “Tear Da Club Up” filmed and edited by Troy Charlesworth. Coming out later in the year this video will feature full sections from Jake, Dylan Steinhardt James Pease, and many more. Jakes filmed these clips in between filming hammers for Troy.

Ride a bike just like Jake! 

Brock has been hard at work this year on his bike working on a new video to sequel his epic KinkBMX Web Video that came out a couple years back. Brock has been stacking some pretty heavy clips and these are the in-between ones that would otherwise never bee seen!

Brocks Choice from the KINK BMX line

Denby Is always riding, filming, and always smiling. Big tricks with full force is Denby’s style and it’s obvious he hasn’t slowed down at all since the end of Aeterna. Other than dealing with a broken knuckle he suffered in  Berlin late last year. Denby is working on a new piece for Sunday that should be out early next year. 

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Until then here is a mix of the boys shredding an array of Brisbane spots!