Clint Reynolds Credence/S&M Gear is Rad!

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:10 August 2020 

Clint Reynolds Credence/S&M gear is Awesome! 

From private bowls to epic trails, timeless video parts, and extreme bike control Clint Reynolds has been a figure in BMX for years. Striving toward a similar dream that most BMX riders have at some point. Clint was able to produce frames for his friends and family and beyond. Designed and constructed by him, Clint toiled with the welder until asking FBM to help him produce the frames. With BMX being the unpredictable beast it is Clint decided to slow down on the production of Credence frames and withdrew from working with FBM. Several years later the owner of S&M (Chris Moeller) would call Clint and see if he was interested in manufacturing Credence frames out of S&M as a merger and not a separate company. Thankfully Credence got its lifeline and now Credence frames are available and come in a bunch of brand new colours and geometries and built by one of the oldest BMX companies around. 


Clint has also been able to release a swag of products through Credence/S&M which are all available at LUXBMX today! Shop online or make an appointment to drop instore to get all the new S&M/Creedence gear now!