Take a deep breath and go for a ride- Dealing with the virus on two wheels.

Author: Tim   Date Posted:20 March 2020 

Time to talk Covid19 on two wheels. 

Since the early parts of this year, Australia and the world have watched as Covid-19 has swept across the globe. Closing down cities, emptying grocery stores and using up toilet paper. Australia has seen some wild weather and now is about to jump into the middle of a Global Pandemic.

Thankfully one thing remains true, bikes don’t get viruses and skateparks seem less busy during this time. However, given the current downturn of the global economy and industries slowing down, what does this mean for the BMX industry in Australia and the rest of the world, and all the great events it host’s every year. At this stage of the Covid-19 spread, the world is still unsure about how it’s going to play out and with people self-isolating the streets are starting to feel a little “ghost-like”. 

Denby Chandler opposite double peg 180 from Home avenue ditch in Santiago.

Photo by Chris Storey. 


The Australian BMX event calendar has slowly been growing over the last few years, with the infamous ACT jam set for late October, there is still some hope that our health professionals will be able to get it under control. However, given the current state of formal gatherings being limited to less than 500 people for outdoor gatherings, it could stop the event altogether. The next big event to hit Australia this year will be the final stop of the Vans Pro Cup event. This event has been growing substantially year after year and keeping the numbers bellow 500 would be impossible. Alongside these two huge events, Australia sees many local Jams and competitions throughout the year. Many of these could be a great way to get a “few” of your mates together and have a day shredding. 

Bike shops

With so many businesses slowing down and many staff now working from home, this could lead you to believe that the bike shops will cease to operate. LUXBMX will be going full steam with all our online orders and will be operating at slightly reduced hours. Getting your much-needed bike parts to you either in-store or online. Want to practice some social distancing? Spend more than $99 dollars on the website and receive free shipping. Not coming into contact with people during this time is important and LUXBMX is committed to this.   

Parks, trails or streets?  

For the trail riders out there, you might be rejoicing that all that time isolated in the bush has paid off tenfold. Not only do you have some sick trails to ride, but you can also do it isolated from the rest of the public. For the park riders, you may have already noticed some more younger families utilizing the time off or isolating out and about at the remote parks around Australia. Remember during these times, listening to health warnings and keeping your distance is what will reduce infection rates. Staying away from crowds of people can be easy with the array of skateparks Australia has to offer. Don't forget the suburb you live in. Finding those old spots you rode as a child or hitting the local parks can be a great way to stay close to home home during these isolation periods. Finally, for the street guys, they will be loving the apocalyptic like streets. With fewer people traffic and cars in the streets, these riders will be utilizing every bit of self-isolation to get away from the public. Always remembering to exercise caution and common sense during these times. LUXBMX understands during this time that everyone should be practising proper self-hygiene and self-isolation. Heeding the words of the health professionals and government alike LUXBMX offer you the Subrosa street rail. Ride on your own in the privacy of your own back yard, vacant block or empty car park and steer clear of the public.



Shop Subrosa Street Rail

What about something to read? we have a selection of mags and zines available including the sort after endless mag issue 8. We also have some Federal FTS gift packs left, perfect for a nice cuppa while you watch FTS at home in isolation. An Australian classic Mike Vockensons famous Dulwich is still a bargain at just $00.09, you'd be crazy not to. and don't forget the story of BMX legend Jimmy Levan. All great for a night or 14 at home.  


What’s this all mean?

Basically, we also aren’t too worried. Keeping in mind we will all be working together to get Australia through these unprecedented weeks and months. With Australia’s infection rate below 1% and our government doing everything in their power to stop the spread of infection, it's important we work with them to beat this. At times like these when self-isolation is the best way to stop the spread of infection, why not go for a ride? Stay a metre from your friends and go an enjoy the empty streets, skateparks or your favourite trail spot. LUXBMX hopes everyone stays safe during this wild time we are all going to live through!