FREE Helmet With Every Bike!

Author: Toby   Date Posted:1 February 2019 

That's right folks, we've upped the ante once more, on our mission to get more riders wearing proper head gear.  We're giving away a FREE DRS Certified BMX Helmet with every Bike sold this month.  There's no exceptions, or hidden tricks, simply add any Bike to your cart, you'll then be prompted to pick your Helmet colour choice.  We're incredibly stoked to be able to offer this, and thank you all once more for supporting our message 'Protect Your Noggin!'

Toby at LUXBMX

Colony Ultra Knee Pads


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Profile Race Cranks

190mm RHD
185mm RHD
180mm RHD
180mm LHD
177mm RHD
175mm LHD
170mm LHD
170mm RHD
165mm RHD
160mm RHD
145mm RHD

From $284.99

RRP $339.99 -16%