Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:6 July 2021 

Go BMXing Day at LUXBMX! 

Another year and another reason to celebrate BMX in every way possible! To show our appreciation for the sport that has brought us all together, LUXBMX wanted to get a bunch of legends together for a good old fashioned day of BMX and good times with BMX riders of all kinds. The date was set and the weather was looking a little wet but we decided to go ahead with the day, and thankfully the rain held off for the majority of the day and let us get a few good sessions in. 

Starting at the shop there was a small impromptu ride on the ramp with some local dudes and friends of the shop, that got pretty heated! With some of the young bloods all fired up and on school holidays it was rad to see some new people ride the ramp and put their spin on it. After a few laps we headed off to the first stop of the day, which was Fairfield skatepark. There is something special about mobbing the streets with your friends and on the 26th of June we had a gang of people blocking off the streets on the way to Fairfield. Using the bike path we were able to see who could hold a manual the longest and I think it goes without saying that Timmy Right got this medal on the day! 

Fairfield skatepark has been deep in Brisbane's bmx roots since it’s construction and the local fellas were straight to shredding. After the dudes finished ripping the park apart, Jon Mackellar made the call and the high jump pole was erected on the funbox in the center of the park and the continuous train began! (Thank you to our front man Dale for not only bringing the high jump pole but constructing it earlier in the week!

High Jump is something that everyone can be involved in, and it was sick seeing racers and freestylers alike having a go at the pole. Mikael Carter really showed the freestylers what a 24inch cruiser can do at the skatepark and in my opinion won the high jump competition! After all the riding was done it was time for the adults (and some of the kids) to head to Slipstream Brewery and after a small detour we made it to wet our whistles and chat about the day! 

Massive thankyou to everyone that made the effort to come along and get in on the fun! More events on the way so keep your eyes peeled! Enjoy a small recap of the day I was able to film between the madness during the day!