Have Fun, Die Trying DVD

Author: Toby   Date Posted:4 April 2019 

Have Fun, Die Trying premiered last year at the Vans Pro Cup in Sydney, the show was an absolute success, with James Fox being awarded a standing order (actually he just got given about 500 beers, but in Australian terms, that's as good as....).

The Have Fun, Die Trying DVD features full sections from: Jonny Mackellar, Benn Pigot, Trent Rowsell and Jason Watts, plus so many treats from these guys, plus many more....

Chris Harti, Chris Kerr, Will Kerr, Will Gunn, Kai Moody, Weaponhead, Cody Pollard, Kris Fox, Tyson Jones-Peni, Blake Ind, Rahdi Francess-Cater, Hunter, Josh Tasker, Ryan Hurst, Chris Goldring, Beechy, Tom Boorman, Riley Taylor, Hayden Thomas, Eze Helmreich, Dave Cragg, Alex Hiam, Hucker, Weexy, Red Belge, Kris McCreath, Louis Smith

This is one of the most epic Australian DVD's to grace our shelves, and we're incredibly proud to be supporting one of our own James Fox with his masterpiece... Enjoy!