Jake Norris - King of Cow Town

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:19 August 2020 

Jake Norris hails from Rockhampton but has been spending more and more time in Brisbane over the years. Traveling in search of newer spots to ride, new people to ride with and a new place to enjoy a beer at the end of the day's riding. Jake has an incredible amount of bike control and can make some of the most technical combos look simple.


Norris Enjoying the sun on stradbroke island. Photo by Cody Webb


Watching Jake handle big setups while remaining calm and collected is something that shines through his riding. The mental battle in riding is something that all riders deal with when they are facing their fears. Hopping onto a bigger rail, jumping a larger set of trails, or doing a trick that has been mentally defeating you for a while at the skate park. These are skills that bmx riders learn from the get-go and Jake is no different. If you haven’t already seen it, Jake featured in our Full-length DVD, "Aeterna" that you can see here:





BSD Soft goods look the goods!


Jake rides for Scottish owned brand BSD, and if you have seen Jake ride you’ll know that his bike can withstand some abuse. Check out his welcome to LUXBMX video here.




Jake runs the BSD safari frame. With a whole bunch of BSD parts that keep him rolling to the next spot, skatepark, or occasional set of trails. See the BSD safari Frame here:



Then watch it get built here:





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