LUXBMX Aeterna DVD- Available Now!

Author: Toby   Date Posted:19 March 2019 

We're beyond the proudest of proud right now- It's with absolutely stoke that we introduce to you LUXBMX Aeterna, our first full length DVD.  This project has been in the works for the past 3 years, and has seen team riders travel the width and depth of this epic country, all in search of the perfect spot and that perfect clip, the end result is a heartfelt example of the love, sweat and tears that our dudes put in everyday...  A massive thanks goes out to everyone involved in the making of this video, and the greatest thanks of all goes to "YOU" our respected customers, without your conitued support, this dream would not be possible...

Filmed and edited by Mike Vockenson

LUXBMX Aeterna Party Pack- Let's keep the party going...YEW!