LUXBMX's Custom BMX bikes!

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:25 November 2020 

Custom Bikes rolling out the door



When you started riding you probably rode something that came as a complete bike, it might have been from Kmart or Target and it probably isn't going to last. If it wasn't a new bike it could very well be second-hand parts that you got from a sibling or a friend, and when your at the park it's a good time to see some new parts you might want to get on your bike. A few years have passed and you’re ready to upgrade your bike again but this time you know what you want and you want it built properly. Here at LUXBMX we offer over 10,000 awesome bmx products and have a bunch of rad bmx riding mechanics that know how to make your bike feel and look the way you want it. This week we have built up some pretty epic looking customs, some of which are still available on the website! 

See these good looking bikes below, starting with Brandon Luopos's signature Hyper Lunatic custom.   

This bike has been built using lightweight strong products from hyper and snafu, featuring some pretty insane titanium sunset coloured spectre spokes laced to colony hubs and Odyssey 7ka rims. This bike is specced to be responsive but still stable when going quick art the bottom of those big transitions 
If your thinking this custom is too "park" for you, maybe you want a more traditional BMX bike, maybe this Nina Buitrago T1 Ruben Frame in sea green. We used some rad Flybikes and Odyssey parts to keep this thing very similar to what Nina rides herself. Get to the trails, the skatepark or out in the streets this bike is ready for everything you have to through at. 
Finally for all the Boyd Hilder fans out there, we wanted to build up a fresh Boyd inspired Federal X Odyssey build, made to handle it from the streets to the deep end of the bowl. We used an array of the strong Odyssey parts to withstand those big drops body has been known to take. 
See the full specs here ✅