More BMX Jams, Brainham Jam and More!

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:12 April 2022 

Runaway bay Brain Ham Jam 


Every so often in the BMX world, there are jams that aren’t for any reason other than having a sick time with your mates. This was the vibe that Jon Mackellar and Sara Canovi set on Saturday the 1st of April for the BrainHam Jam. Runaway Bay was the chosen location and the two got busy organizing prizes, DIY additions to the park and a lineup of 4 bands that would blast punk and rock all day having everyone feeling like they were living in a Props DVD. (photo's by Claudio)

Sean Cranking a Lookback with some BrainHam art framing him up.

Jon finished up painting the ramps and kicked things off by blasting the wallride he had made for the day. Runaway Bay was such a rad site for the jam and the riding heated up as fast as the weather. After a while Jon and Sara announced some mini comps and the box jump fly out was called on. Everyone directed their efforts to having a rip on the pallet lander. A few notable things were an un-named goldy local getting awfully close to 540 bar, and the ol’ GoldCoast sender Arron Selway throwing his bike in all directions. Pollard was there to twist himself around his bike with that classic grin. 

Pollard Turndown over the pallet lander.

Sean and J-dog.

Next was the big wallride in the deep end of the bowl. The crowd had started to thin out as things were getting late, but that didn’t stop the boys from blasting in and out of the makeshift setupSuch a sick day had by everyone, no major crashes and plenty of prizes to go around the BrainHam Jam as a rad day. Massive thanks to Jon and his partner Sara for putting on such rad event, and of course, in true Jon Mack style, the party went on well into the night!

We will be hosting a jam at Archerfield on the 1st of May where we will be giving away plenty of gear from a whole bunch of different brands, alongside some new LUXBMX merch throughout the Day. There will be plenty of additions to the park to make it extra fun for riders of all ages and skill levels, so come and get involved! Leave your egos at the door because everybody's welcome!


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