More help from Ev.

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:19 May 2020 

More From Ev.

Last week Ev showed us how to tighten our chain and remove stuck hub bolts, this week he’s back with more. Having worked on bikes since a young boy, and riding BMX his whole life before formally gaining accreditation in the field, Ev knows about BMX bikes. Showing you these tricks and tips will keep your bike feeling “bike shop perfect”. No noises, no skipping hubs, no stuck on pedals, just a bike your want to ride. Don’t forget to check out our youtube channel, We keep it updated with new videos every week. First up we have Ev talking us through some do’s and don’ts when using a chain breaker. He covers both full and half link options and uses two types of chain breakers, the Odyssey chain breaker, and the Salt Plus half-link chain breaker. 





A few from our wide selection of chain breakers. 

Next up we have Ev showing you the best way to seat a tyre. Replacing tyres can be troublesome at times, especially if you use slimmer tyres. Some tyre brands will sit slightly different than other brands. This can be caused by the compound the tyres are made of, the depth of the sidewall on the rim or how wide the tyre is. If you have ever had trouble changing tyres then watch Ev break it down for you. 


BMX specific tools to keep you rolling smooth

Finally, if you have ever struggled to take off pedals or got confused on which way the thread goes Ev has a very simple way of breaking it down so you will never get confused again. Start with a good pedal spanner and Ev will explain the rest.