On the Couch- Denby Chandler

Author: Tim   Date Posted:27 April 2020 

Take a seat with Denby Chandler and his Soundwave V3



Denby chandler is a beast on a bike, attacking spots with a certain power that only he can create. After joining the LUXBMX team several years ago Denby showed us time and time again why he’s a force to be reckoned with when it comes to riding man-sized setups. After Joining LUX’s already stacked team, Denby was added to Sunday Bikes and Odyssey BMX’s international AM team through BMX International Distribution.  The combination of Denby’s heavy riding and Sunday’s epic reputation was a match made in heaven. Trusting his bike is a big part of how Denby mentally conquers spots and ultimately hitting that big handrails or jumping the massive drops



Watch Denby discuss why he chooses the Sunday Soundwave V3.



After seeing Denby's epic Aeterna section and Aeterna B-sides you should know that Denby’s Sunday Soundwave V3  frame holds up to just about anything. Putting his bike through the paces over the past few years Denby has only used the Soundwave frames because he trusts the wave tubing and external gussets. 





If you haven’t already seen it. We have recently uploaded all individual sections from Aeterna to our youtube channel, Along with Denby’s mind-melting ender section for the DVD. We are so proud of what the guys came up with while filming for this and were overwhelmed by your guy’s positive response. 


Watch Denby’s Aeterna section below! 



Watch Denby's B-sides here 


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