On the Couch- Wilton Hedley

Author: Tim   Date Posted:8 May 2020 

Sit down with Wiltons Tempered Night Child frame.

Ever wondered why Wilton chooses to ride the Tempered Night Child Frame? Wilton has been a name in the Australian BMX scene for years. After representing a number of international and Australian companies, Wilton has found himself at home Brisbane born Tempered Bikes. Wilton has shown us over the years why he needs to trust his bike. Whether it’s blasting the late great snakewoods trails, airing to the moon out of a bowl, or jumping off something huge Wilton’s style is hard to put in just one box.

Wilton Getting right up there at a past ACT Jam. Photo by Cooper Brownlee


Regardless of what he’s riding, it’s white-knuckled, maxing out speed and holding on that has made Wiltons riding so entering over the years. Ever since joining LUX earlier on in our story, Wilton has shown us time and time again how much he loves BMX, with a great attitude and love for exploration. 

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Wilton stopped by the other day to show off his rig, and tell us why he rides the Tempered Night Child frame. With 3 different size options, and responsive modern geometry this frame is perfect for Wilton. Holding up to the abuse Wilton deals out on a regular basis while being responsive and strong is something Wilton loves about this frame. Dressed up with some great looking Tempered goods parts, this rig is ready for anything Wilton has to through at it. See Wilton discuss his Tempered rig then get out there and shred! 


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