Our latest custom build.

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:19 October 2021 

Stress BMX X Federal custom BMX Bike 


We have been looking forward to building this custom for the showroom floor! Stress BMX is the newest brand in Australia thanks to the legends over at family distribution. With a heavy emphasis on street riding and lifetime warranty across many of Stress’s products these bikes are built to be ridden, hard! If you watched the Vans Circle video competition, you would have seen the Stress team putting their bikes to the test, so it’s no surprise that their trademark slogan reads “only hard us allowed” 






We couldn’t wait to get stuck into this build, keeping Stress as the main brand across the bike and filling some gaps with Federal parts. This bike features a Stress “the crew” frame in 21 inch. The crew frame is an allrounder street orientated frame. The short back end on this bike makes it easier to throw around and comes with invested casted drop outs and wishbone. We decided to use Federal wheels both front and back as they come with all the guards and can put up with the abuse that grinding puts on the bike. Paired up with the 4.5” federal alloy/plastic pegs, this thing is ready to grind bump and chink on just about everything you put in front of it! 





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Full parts list below and build video on the way!   


Frame- Stress The crew frame (21”)

Headset- Stress BMX Spinset headset

Forks- Stress BMX Voskhod Forks

Bars- Stress BMX Sports Bars (9.44”)

Grips- Stress BMX MB soft grips

Cranks- Stress BMX Railhop Cranks (165mm)

Bottom Bracket- Federal Mid Bottom bracket (22mm)

Sprocket- Stress BMX Penta Sprocket (25t)

Pedals- Federal command Plastic pedals 

Seatpost- Stress BMX pivotal seatpost

Seat- Federal Mid pivotal pinstripe seat

Rear wheel- Federal Stance motion freecoaster wheel with guards

Front wheel- Federal Stance pro front wheel with guards

Tyres- Stress BMX Wolfgrip tyres 20x2.4

Pegs- Federal 4.5 in plastic/alloy pegs

Chain- Federal half link chain (black)