Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:9 October 2020 

Out the Back 

A new playlist on our youtube channel, Out the Back features riders coming and getting in a session “out the back” of LUXBMX. The addition of the new ramp has been something that owner/riders Mitch and Ev have dreamt about for years. Finally, with the new space, there was room to have Jason watts come and build an epic ramp for the boys to shred. 

Last week we had Alex and newly added team rider Josh Dove come through and get in a couple hours on the ramp. Alex shut it down with his signature technical style, powering through some insane combos and putting the work in once again to bring you more hammers! 

See Alex’s Out The Back video here: 

After that your probably wondering “how long did that take?” Alex puts the work in to bring you the insane level of riding and as you can imagine it doesn’t happen without a few slams as well.

See all the attempts and b-sides here: 

Next on the list is Josh Dove, Dovey is the newest to the LUXBMX team and keen to get in and have a rip on the ramp. Josh rides a bike like a rocket ship blasting his Fly Sierra to the moon and back on a regular occasion. Dovey gave the ramp his special touch and the result was epic! 

See Josh shredding out the back here:

Josh spent no time getting work on the ramp and unsurprisingly landed everything pretty much first try.

Here are the raw clips from that morning and a few clips that didn’t make the cut.

See Josh's Raw clips here: