Quick Fix With Ev

Author: Tim   Date Posted:5 May 2020 

Fix your bike from home, with help from Ev

Ev has been servicing bikes for more then a couple of decades and knows his way around a BMX bike. Most issues you come across on your bike will probably occur due to riding your bike, so daily or weekly maintenance is a must to ensure your bike is ready to ride every time you head out. Some small issues on you may come across while riding could be a loose chain, flat tires, broken chains, stuck on wheels, blown out cones, and much much more. Although small, these issues can become a headache if you don’t know the quick tricks and tips to fix them. Most issues have a simple fix, and this series ‘quick fix with Ev’ is just that. 


These short videos are aimed at the guys and girls that are stuck without a bike shop near-by. Learning to fix your bike is an important part of riding your bike. Getting caught out a long way from home with no way to fix your bike can be a hassle. LUXBMX wants to share some knowledge to keep you out of a bind. For the very few that are fortunate enough to know a bike mechanic or have access to a BMX store workshop, these little tutorials will help you work on your own bike too! Learning to fix your own bike will give you a great appreciation for your bike. Loving the way it rides but knowing how to make it feel good when you ride it too. Understanding how each part works is also an important part of learning to ride. Working on your bike will help you learn what each bit does and the effect it has on how your bike rides.   


Tighten Your Chain in Under a Minute! 




Starting with one of the most common problems in BMX. Ev shows us in under a minute the best way to get your chain tight using just a 17mm. No jamming stuff behind your wheel, no getting 4 of your mates to help you pull your wheel back. Just a simple, effective way to get your chain tight and your wheel straight. Ev runs you through the best way to achieve this every time.  


Step by Step

  • Start from loose
  • Push the tyre from drive-side chainstay to non-drive side chainstay
  • Maintain pressure and tighten the non-drive side axle nut
  • Push the tyre from non-drive chainstay to drive-side chainstay
  • Maintain pressure and tighten the drive side axle nut 
  • With the chain tight, loosen non-drive axle nut and center wheel accordingly

Stuck Front Cones. 

For the second episode, Ev will run you through how to loosen off stubborn, stuck-on front wheels. At times when your front wheel has been ridden on for months and not moved. You may grind and have damaged some of the hardware, or just don’t use grease and rust has set in and is making it difficult to remove your front wheel. Ev runs you through a simple method that works every time. Minimal hassle only using a 17 mm or whatever you use to tighten your wheel nuts or female bolts. 

Step By Step

  • Tighten to outside the fork on the loose side of the hub.
  • Loosen off the stuck side of the hub.
  • Place the wheel back into forks once it has been loosened.

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