Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:4 November 2020 

Denby Chandler- The Raw Clips


A little over 5 years ago we proposed the idea of adding Toowoomba native Denby Chandler to the LUXBMX team and shortly after got underway in filming for our first full-length Aeterna. After meeting more of the Brisbane BMX scene and making the move to Brisbane after a few injuries, Denby’s destructive power on his bike became more apparent to the BMX riders of Brisbane. From the first clip, he filmed through to the last Denby put 110% IN every time he went to toe to toe with whatever spot was in front of him. Travelling around Australia and being shown some of the best spots our country has to offer, Denby took full advantage and got to work in a mad trance. As Denby collected clips with Mike it became apparent he wasn’t playing around and the spots got bigger and bigger.    

The more Denby filmed the more everyone around him realised his high energy and insane BMX prowess. As the DVD deadline got closer Denby turned the burners up once again returning to Botanical Gardens rail time and time again to add more fuel to the fire. One memorable session at the 'Gardens' rail was watching Denby over smith down the one of Brisbane’s best-looking rails, slipping and sliding until he got the clip he wanted.    


As you can imagine Denby’s riding doesn’t come without a few crashes along the way, paired with his antics while out in the streets, enjoy 9 minutes of Denby handling big spots and taking a few spills.