Staying connected

Author: Tim   Date Posted:23 April 2020 

More Support during the times that Matter 

Live chat

During these uncertain times, one thing you can guarantee is that we have been adjusting to keeping you closer to LUXBMX then ever before. As a bike shop the space that we provide has helped shape the scene and vice-versa, without the support from you guys we wouldn’t still be here. Since shop hours are limited we have opened our live chat for customers from 10am-8pm 5 days a week, Monday to Friday. Our workshop will be operating at a limited capacity, however, if it’s an urgent fix, get in contact with us if you need to have your bike worked on. You can make an appointment by getting in contact with one of our friendly staff online. We will be able to organize a good time for you to come by and let us know what's going on with your bike!  However, we must be cognizant of the guidelines that have been placed upon society for the time being. Have something you’d like to ask right now? Ask our friendly staff now.   

More connected

We are aiming to connect more to you not just through chat platforms but offering more online content keeping you up to date with our team, staff, and everything LUXBMX. If you haven’t already subscribed to our youtube channel, we have been steadily uploading a plethora of content for your viewing pleasure. Don’t sit on the couch bored a moment longer. LUXBMX will have fresh content, coming your way more and more regularly. This will include videos from our full-length DVD Aeterna, How to’s, Creative videos, a new series called “on the couch” and much much more. On the couch features team riders and staff members discussing topics close to BMX. This can be anything from the bike they ride to shoes they lace up before they head out to roll. We want to give you guys a more personal experience showcasing our talented team and staff! We started this off with Alex Hiam discussing his signature sweet tooth line, the graphics, geometry, and everything in between.



Expert advice online 

Our phones have currently been switched off, and we will be redirecting all calls to our chat, so feel free to ask whatever you need here. If you’re stuck at home having trouble with anything BMX related, don’t forget that the live chat is there for you to ask whatever you need. Whether that be to do with an order, your bike, or general BMX knowledge, know that LUXBMX is here to help you. As riders ourselves we have probably encountered what it is your searching to find, fix, or buy and with our expert team with more than 50years BMX experience between them we are more than ready to help. Whether you’re looking for a whole new set up, a small intricate brake component, or just want to know our opinion on something, remember that your answer is only one question away.  

While still under strict social distancing guidelines we have decided to offer an "appointment to come to the store" option. We know you need to see us in person some times for whatever reason, we would still like to make this an option, chat with our friendly staff and organize a suitable time to drop in.

Brock Olive getting it done outside the shop. 

Staying Safe

Adjusting to the current situation has been testing for everyone and here at LUXBMX we have felt these pressures too. However our goal remains the same, to keep offering you the best service and products for you guys, so that you can stay on your bike during COVID19. While we ride this time out together it’s important to remember that no matter how strange things seem now, LUXBMX is here to support you both on and off the bike, and by taking these measures following the guidelines ultimately we will all get through this together. We hope that offering these services and extra contact points will help us stay connected with you guys. During these times keeping up with you guys is what’s important to us, so we can make sure you stay safe and rolling happily. As we have transitioned it’s been great seeing the support of our customers and moving forward we are excited to offer these extra talking points. LUXBMX is committed to delivering the best possible service and we love seeing you guys stoked on your rides! Rain, hail or pandemic, LUXBMX is still shipping boxes.