The Ranch Hand DVD is here!

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:21 September 2021 

Hell yeah Aus BMX!

BMX DVD’s are becoming fewer and fewer, with the internet taking most of our attention and watch time, it’s no surprise that the humble DVD has made its way to the back of the shelf. As someone that has a huge collection of BMX dvd’s it’s a little disheartening to think that the future may not have any more DVD’s coming. 

When I heard B-dog was making another Australian full length video I was excited to see what these dudes had been working on since my knowledge of trails riding is very limited. The premier was set of ACTJAM 2021 and the day couldn't have been a better display of BMX, a huge box jump, a quarter pipe and hundreds of people getting ready to watch another great Australian BMX DVD! 

(B-dog filming Ranch Hand. Photo by James Gillbert )

Brendan “B-Dog” Boeck started Ranch hand as a “spot documentary” of snails trail’s down in Canberra, but like many video projects in BMX it started to develop into something much more than just a documentary of one spot. As time went by, trips happened and before he knew it B-Dog was stuck into a full length BMX movie!  This video is predominantly focused on the Australian trails scene, mainly filming at Snail Trails, Valley View trails and Wamboin trails, with trips to Beeries, HVT and Hillfire.

Filmed over 4 years with the help of James Fox and Joe Ball, the term ranch hand came from B-Dog referring to Will’s place as the “ranch”, “I would always say, see ya babe I’m heading to the Ranch” Building trails is more than just piling dirt, it’s an art form and requires hours and hours of work and experience. These guys have spent years putting in the hard work with their hands to develop these spots that feature throughout the video. In a sense these guys are the ranch hands of the trails and have worked tirelessly to create some incredible looking spots up and down the coast of Australia.

With a run time of 90 minutes and 60+ riders, Ranch Hand is an epic representation of what BMX can be if you put the work in! B-dog has added a little more to the DVD with a stubby cooler and Ranch Hand sticker. We can only hope that Ranch Hand will be the catalyst for many more AusBMX dvds to come!