Top Sellers- With Dale Hodgson

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:30 September 2020 

Get the right bike for you- With Dale Hodgson

Like all of us here that work at LUXBMX, Dale is just as keen on BMX as you and me. With the new parts that have made their way to market over the past decade, it’s no wonder that picking out a new bike can be a little tricky. Getting the right fitting bike for you is very important and similar to buying new parts, you need to get the right size. 

In this new series, Dale is going to talk us through all the parts on our bikes making sure you understand what all the technical stuff means and why it’s important to pay attention to. Dale starts us off by talking us through LUXBMX’s most popular grips and differences in most grips out there, what makes a good grip and which grips are the longest lasting. 


Focussing on the four of our most popular grips including 

Cult X Vans Flangeless Grip: 



S&M Bikes Hoder Grips


Odyssey Brock Raidford Grips:


ODI Longneck ST:


See the full video below. 


Next up to the grips and an important part of your bikes front end, Dale discusses everything handlebars and what to look for when you are choosing your new set of bars. Have you ever wondered what backsweep, upsweep, height or width refers to and the impacts they make to your riding? Focussing on the Eclat Chocolate bar in both regular clamp size and the newer, larger 25.4 mm clamp and the Federal v2 4pc bars. Dale has all the answers after the jump! 


See the eclat chocolate bars here:



Chocolate Oversize clamp


Federal 4pc V2 Drop bars


See the full video here



Following your front end straight down from your bars will be your stem. Another part of your bike that could be overlooked if you don’t know what’s the right size for you. The ultimate height and “reach” of your handlebars will be determined by your stem. Dale also runs through all the technical terms and lets you know about clamp size in relation to your stem and bar combo. 


See the Wethepeople hydra stem here: 


See the Eclat Domain front load stem here: 


See the full video




Holding your front wheel to your bike are your forks, the next piece of the puzzle in the front end. Your forks can make quite a difference to how responsive and “twitchy” your front end will feel. Depending on the type of riding you’ll be doing will determine the type of forks that will be right for you. Dale gives you all the information you need featuring the famous and much loved R series forks from Odyssey. Discussing axel size, offset, steerer tube, and top caps, dale runs you through all the important stuff you’ll need to know when purchasing a new set of forks. 


See the R series forks here:

Odyssey R15: 

Odyssey R25:

Odyssey R32:   


See the full video: