Weekend Warriors

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:25 August 2020 

The Brisbane BMX scene has been strong for years, fluctuating in popularity over the years there has always been a huge group of talent coming from the great southeast. During the uncertain times that we have been facing some of the QLD team guys have been utilizing the empty parks and centers all over this huge sunny state. Over the past weekend, a few of the guys got together and went “on tour” with Troy Charlesworth behind the lens all weekend and good friend Jason Watts at the wheel of the Fast and Loose bus. Jake Norris, Boyd Hilder, Denby Chandler, Troy and a whole bunch of crew headed to the north side of Brisbane to see what was on offer. With Troy filming for his latest video project “tear the club up” due out some time late this year/early next year, the weekend was set to be a productive one. Starting from when the sun went down on Friday, the fellas headed into the streets, strapped up with cameras and lights they were ready from whatever the night had to through at them. Here are a few looks at some of what went down.


Jake Norris Starting the weekend off on a good looking outrail in Brisbane, Troy capturing the magic. Photo's By Tim Storey

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Thesee drains were super fun and Norris made short work of them. Over the barrier to flat, opposite barspin and a table top with ease before filming the real clip.




Norris's Grip of choice- BSD Leezus Grip


Boyd Hilder can ride just about anything. Half Cab from top to bottom.

Boyd rides his own Federal Bikes signature ICS2 frame. Coming in a rad looking turquoise and the obligatory matte black, and geometry to match Boyd's style,these frames are built to do it all! A geometrical "sweet spot" some would say; 75.2 up front and 13.4 up the rear. To make this frame strong enough for someone like Boyd to ride Federal have packed it full of goodies including the Investment cast dropouts, chain stay bridge and seat clamp.

Double Peg Hard 180 Barspin whilst dodging the pole on the way down.

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Denby going 180 over the barrier on his Sunday Soundwave V3

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Brock Olive Barspin the barrier. 

Brocks frame of choice- Kink Contender. 

Troy and Brock checking the footage.