Whats up? Boyd Hilder and Alex Hiam

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:22 February 2021 

Whats Up? 

Boyd Hilder and Alex Hiam…


If you have been around in the Australian BMX scene the past 5 years the names Alex Hiam and Boyd Hilder probably sound pretty familiar. This is because guys have been smashing it when it comes to BMX for the past decade and the fruits have started to ripen. With both guys having signature frames and parts with their respected companies. Both these guys have been extremely busy, having a fair bit on the past few years, so we thought the end of 2020/ start of 2021 was a great time to catch up with the two and see what their lives have been like in the past year. 



Unfortunately for Boyd he has been on the sideline this year with a busted knee but is in good spirits and doing everything he can to get back into it. Boyd's rig of choice is of course his signature ICS2 Boyd Frame with a bunch of Odyssey and Federal parts to finish it off. We loved his bike so much we decided to build one up as a custom for a lucky customer. 


You can see that here:


Check out what Boyd has been doing since he hurt his knee, what he’s been doing to get better and everything else that's been going on in his life


Photo By Jerry V. 

Since the lockdowns first began, Alex didn’t let this slow him down and has used the emptier streets to get to work filming a BMX video part for Vans with local video man Troy Charlesworth. Shutting down the parks and streets of Brisbane and its surrounds have been on Alex’s to-do list and by the sounds of things he has been enjoying taking his time with this project. We can only imagine what craziness he has been working on and here at LUXBMX we can’t wait to see it finished!


Alex rides his signature Colony Sweettooth frame fork and bars with a bunch of colony parts finished off with his own little touch, from colours to stickers Alex’s bikes are always one of a kind. You can see all of Alex’s signature parts here: 



If you haven’t already, check out this new video of Alex replying to your questions, getting some lunch and even having a shred at one of Brisbane's most iconic rails!