Where will you be riding first?

Author: Tim   Date Posted:12 May 2020 

 Where will you be riding when the parks reopen?

Cody Staying at Home During Isolation, Photo by Justy Bumpstead


2020 has been a crazy one for Australia so far, natural disasters, epidemics, not to mention the closure of all skateparks! During the recent social distancing practices, you would have noticed a great deal of bunting, signs, and caution tape around most recreational areas in Australia. For the most part, society listened and because of this, we are able to start easing back into a normal way of living. For many people staying at home, working from and riding at home became normal. Over the past few months the skateparks were closed and sand put in some areas to stop the influx of park users, coinciding with the closure of many schools. With so much time and nowhere to go, air-bag sales went up and street riding became a little more frequent than usual for some. However no matter how many spots, airbags, private parks, and whatever else you have been lucky enough to ride, nothing is quite the same as riding a good fun skatepark with your mates. 

Boyd riding a pretty famous gap to bank in Syndey pre iso, Photo by Eisa Bakos

Seeing so many BMX riders making their own spots to ride, riding unique objects at home, and opening their eyes a little more to what’s rideable around you has been rad! From DIY spots to making use of simple objects has been the height of social media. Opening your eyes to what’s around you to ride is something that can be lost with the plethora of skateparks we have access to in Australia. During times like these BMX riders resort to their primal instinct and head back to where it all started the gutter out the front of the house or the driveway. Creativity is something that BMX brings all of us in different ways, as different riders have shown us how they are riding while being locked down. Seeing old parks with fresh eyes is something that can help motivate new lines or ways to ride the skatepark you have always ridden.  


Justy boosting is stomping ground for Wayne Cant

As things start to ease and venues are reopened it’s great to see the positive impact we are all having by working together to get back to normal. As  BMX riders ourselves, some of the best times had are at skateparks around Australia and the rest of the world with a big group of mates and nothing but good times. There’s something pretty cool about being able to ride a new park, not knowing what to expect. The way the transition feels, the type of concrete, the colors, and the graffiti. This is what gets all of us stoked to get on a bike and go cruise around a park. Not only have the skateparks been a crucial point in most BMX rider’s upbringing, but they provide a safe space for adolescents and young adults to exercise and learn about growing up with peers older and younger.  For many young riders out there it’s hard to replace the feeling of waking up early on a Saturday jumping on your bike and going to a new skatepark on the other side of town. While this has been put on hold and riders find new ways to ride their bike, the day the parks open gets closer and the excitement is definitely growing throughout this community.   

Pat Johns making light work of this ledge feeble. Sequence by Jake Norris

With restrictions lifting and more businesses reopening, Australia should see the reopening of skateparks in the coming days and weeks. For many of us we have gotten down to our local park and taken a few rebel runs. How ever this doesn’t feel the same as being able to freely cruise a park with no worries in the world. As the parks reopen and we are permitted to head back to the skateparks and things will return to normal. With all of this ahead of us in the very near future the question remains, which park will you be riding first? Will it be your local? A new park that’s just been finished or an old park you haven’t ridden in ages. Regardless of where you end up on your bike I’m sure you’ll appreciate being able to ride the skatepark a little more this time around.


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