Why Do We Push Helmets So Much?

Author: Toby   Date Posted:15 January 2019 

What happens if I don’t wear a helmet? That question got answered for me on February 25th 2007. A quick warm up roll around a concrete park ended abruptly. Had I been wearing a HELMET, I most certainly would have walked away, that decision has changed my life forever... Having sustained a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), then undertaking a two year recovery, which involved learning to walk, talk, and basically relearning all general life skills.  

At the age of 23, being helped to the toilet, having speech therapy and being told that you'll never ride a bike again, seems like a risk that's never worth taking.  A quality certified HELMET can and will save lives.  This message, and helmet promo in general is solely to help spread this important message and get more riders wearing HELMETS.

This incredibly challenging time made myself and those closest to me intent on spreading the importance of HELMET safety... We’ve just launched a HELMET giveaway promo on our INSTAGRAM page, and I felt the reason behind this should be shared... So jump on over and help us spread the word.  It takes less than a minute to share the post, and together, we can get two more riders wearing the correct head protection...

‘Protect Your Noggin’ - Toby at LUXBMX

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