Buying a Helmet - Protecting your melon

Author: Bruce Morris  Date Posted:1 March 2018 

BMX Race Helmet – Buy one that fits right.

Without doubt your helmet one of the most important pieces of your race kit, it’s one area that any rider or parent shouldn’t skimp on and yet we are still amazed that helmets pop up on second hand sites for sale. Not only does the mere thought of sticking your head into someone else’s sweat pit kind of leaves us nauseous, you have no idea if that helmet has taken a big hit prior to you buying it, leaving you vulnerable to a potential head injury from just a small off. Most manufactures recommend replacing a helmet after a  big crash, and so do we.

Luki J - 100% all the way 

At LUXBMX we sell a range of helmets for a range of budgets and even those helmets at the bottom end of the price spectrum will protect your head better than a ill-fitting second hand helmet. Not only does the correct fitting helmet protect you better, your range of vision isn’t compromised and as coaches, the first thing we often do with new riders in our sessions is push up their peak and then check the fit of the helmet. Too big a helmet and it’ll slip down over the rider’s race obscuring their vision, plus it will move too much in a crash. Or come off completely!

100% Status in camo and in youth sizes

We stock the 100% Status helmet and it carries a few features that we really think makes it a perfect BMX race helmet. One of those is that the Youth range actually has a smaller shell, rather than just extra thick lining and padding, plus the helmet comes in at just 1 kilogram. Lessing the strain on young rider’s necks.

Click here to see you full range of race helmets.

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