Whats Up with 5 Inch Pegs?

Author: Tim at LUXBMX   Date Posted:22 May 2020 

The Odyssey Graduate Peg.


BMX has been through a lot over the past 40 years. Bikes have changed, technology has got better and materials are getting more durable. At LUXBMX we love getting in new products and trying out the new bits and pieces that hit the market. 

Leading into the 2000’s stunt pegs came in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The interesting thing about this time in BMX was no one knew the best ways to construct anything. As a result, a lot of trial and error happened and stunt pegs were fitted to the forks, mounted on the axels, and welded to the frames of the bikes. 

As time moved on, and the need for stronger parts got greater, BMX companies had to decide on how the best way of attaching pegs to your bike. The bike companies answered, and made a peg slot over the axle without threading onto anything. The axle nut would act as the fastener and from here pegs would become a staple in all bmx scenes around the world.

As the leading companies came up with ways to improve the stunt peg by making it smaller in diameter and stronger materials. A company founded by George French was thinking outside the conventional peg box. Seen years earlier on one of Matt Hoffman’s bikes, GSPORT BMX had come up with a fully plastic peg. The pleg boasted strength and a great compound that enhanced the grinding experience tenfold all in a lightweight plastic peg. 

However this caught on across the BMX scene and very soon companies began making plastic peg sleeves with steel or aluminum cores. Different companies used different compounds and soon enough there were several options for plastic pegs on the market. Shortly after these companies started lengthening the pegs, to give the rider more room when grinding. This age-old debate will go on and on. The fact is, companies need to offer new products to stay alive, every year since the invention of the plastic peg it seems that they have gotten longer and longer wit out anyone noticing.

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Naturally the benefits of a longer peg are obvious. The more peg, the more platform you have to grind on. Spinning out of grinds could be easier since you’ll be on the ledge longer before starting the spin, giving yourself more of a pivot point. Landing on rails from gaps could also potentially be a little easier to hit your pegs on to the rail or ledge since (once again) there is more peg. Not to mention crooked grinds having more room to move around on the rail under you. While some riders won’t go past the tried and trued 4 and ¼ size pegs, younger riders would probably be starting on a 4.5inch peg. Regardless of what you prefer, Odyssey BMX has released a 5-inch peg that offers more grind room than ever. Odyssey is among one of the most trusted brands in BMX and they have decided the world was ready for the 5 inch Graduate peg. 

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  Odyssey Graduate 5 Inch Peg