Bunny Hunt 2018

Author: Mitch   Date Posted:29 March 2018 

They're back! Our annual Easter Bunny hunt has returned for 2018. After a science experiment gone wrong, a bunch of our team have sprouted bunny ears and escaped amongst the website. It's your job to hunt them down! Whoever can find the most of these abominations will win $300 in online credit! Two runners-up will receive $100 each.

To reward everyone for their efforts, anyone who finds 4 or more bunnies will get an epic, one use coupon code!

To enter simply send us an email with links to the pages you've found them on to promo@luxbmx.com. Promo codes will be sent out when we return on Tuesday.


  • Bunnies have been released onto the website now!
  • Entries close Monday night at 11:59pm sharp.
  • Whoever finds the most bunnies will be the winner.
  • If there's a tie the person who emailed in first will be the winner. 
  • There is no limit on how many times you can enter, if you find more bunnies after you email you can send another email.
  • The bunnies in the banner on this page are not counted.
  • Please don't actually hurt the bunnies!

Good luck!

*Please note: The store is shut for the Easter long weekend. We'll be back on Tuesday the 3rd of April!