Author: Mitch   Date Posted:2 April 2015 

It's that time of the year again, our annual Easter egg hunt. The team has been hidden all over the website in the form of Easter eggs and your task is to find as many as you can. Whoever finds the most wins a cool $250 to spend online. There are 16 eggs in total. We've made it super hard this year so we're not expecting anyone to get anywhere near 100%. Whoever gets the most correct will win. 2 runners up will get $50 each.

To enter you must do the following:

-Find as many eggs as you can online.

-Send an email to info@luxbmx.com listing where you found each egg and which team rider you think it is. (Hint: You can see the team on the team page of the site)

-Repost the Egg Hunt flyer from above or the LUXBMX instagram and tag- #luxegghunt @luxbmx

Entries close on Monday night. Good luck!


*Please note. You may have to refresh your browser cache so all the eggs display correctly.