How do I order a complete bike online?

Like many things in the digital era, BMX bikes can easily be ordered online by following a few simple steps. 

  1. Read our BMX bike buyers guide to help you select the bike type that will suit you best
  2. Watch our 5-minute video on “How to build a BMX Bike from a box in 5 minutes” to feel comfortable in the post-delivery process
  3. Determine if you need any additional tools to get the job done, if you do, make sure you pick up one of our LUXBMX tool kits 
  4. Browse the web store and find your new bike! We also highly recommend buying a helmet, shoes and any other protective gear you may need 
  5. When your bike arrives, phone our customer service team on 1300 LUX BMX or contact us via the website to ask any questions you may have 

We are here to make every stage of the experience as simple as possible for you. Of course, if you are in the Brisbane area we will complete the final build for you free of charge for an in-store collection.