How much does a BMX race bike cost?

LUXBMX offers a wide selection of BMX race bikes which aim to complement an array of abilities and budgets. While BMX race bikes vary in size and quality, with the associated cost similarly varying, there are options for entry level junior race bikes starting at $599 up to mid-range expert and pro level race bikes at approximately $1500 and leading up to the highest quality pro level race bikes at $2999. While prices can change over time and differ between brands, LUXBMX suggests an expectation generally in the range as above. If not suited to your budget, feel free to get in touch with the friendly staff at LUXBMX to discuss alternative solutions.  

As you gain experience and speed as you race more, you may see some BMX race bikes that look like nothing that you can see here on our website as a complete BMX race bike that you can buy. These are what is known as custom race BMX bikes and are built using components available from our store. Usually starting with a frame, the customer identifies specific parts they require which allows them to customise things like crank length, handlebar height and build a set of wheels with carbon rims and titanium spokes. Custom BMX race bikes are usually built by customers looking to compete at the highest level of BMX racing in Australia and can see the price of the bike creep up. But if you are just starting out, one of the complete BMX race bikes that you can see on our website will suit your needs perfectly.