What is the best BMX racing brand?

There are many awesome BMX racing brands which supply high quality and race-specific products, for kids and adults of all abilities and sizes. While it may seem daunting if you’re in the market for the first time, there are a range of reputable BMX racing brands which LUXBMX has handpicked and made available for you. We aim to make the process of buying race bikes as easy, enjoyable and friendly as possible. 

The brands which we have curated over the years that encompass the traits that we hold in high regard include DK and Chase, two brands that supply a race bike for those just getting into club racing, up to racers competing at state and national level events. Other brands that we have brought on board in recent times are two European brands, Inspyre from France and Meybo from the Netherlands. If you have watched any BMX racing from Europe, you would see these two later brands dominating the gates.