Which bike is good for BMX racing?

If you’re thinking of heading down to the local BMX track to give racing a go, it is highly recommended to first speak with one of the friendly, race-knowledgeable staff at LUXBMX, or read this guide. This is important in that there are many options when it comes to the suite of best BMX race bikes on offer, so you want to get it right. Most people getting to BMX racing have an idea of what a BMX bike looks like, though in reality, BMX race bikes do come in different sizes, scaled up, and down, to suit children from as young as 3 years old, up to adults, or adult sized children While the wheel size is predominantly 20 inches, they can drop down to 18 inches, and go up to 24 inches for the cruiser class. 

Then there are variables depending upon your ability. A beginner level teenager may have very different requirements to that of an intermediate level child. This will benefit your experience and contribute to an improved ability to refine your skills, increase coordination and speed as well as maintain your safety to the greatest extent. LUXBMX has BMX race bikes for all levels of ability and size of rider.