Why are BMX racing bikes so small?

BMX racing grew out of America in the 1970s with the kids imitating their MX heroes by ripping around empty dirt lots on dragsters which had 20 inch wheels. From there they modified and upgraded their bikes with MX style handlebars and stiffening the frames, which kept breaking as they jumped further. From there, entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to produce the first BMX race bikes as we recognise today. One thing that stayed the same was the 20 inch wheel size. The 20 inch wheel bike was smaller, lighter and most importantly, stronger. It allowed BMX racers to take on bigger jumps and get their feet down in the corners. As track design changed over the years, the best BMX bike for racing came to handle higher speed by being built a little longer than those original BMX bikes from the 70s and 80s. The BMX race bikes you see at the Olympic games have a 20 inch wheel, but look vastly different to the 80’s BMX race bikes, but don’t look too different to the PRO sized bikes you can find on our store.