How to stop BMX brakes squeaking?

There are a few things you can try to stop BMX brakes from squeaking:

Clean the brake pads and the braking surface of the rim: If the brake pads are dirty or covered in debris, they may squeak when they come into contact with the rim. Clean the rim with a rag and some rubbing alcohol to remove any buildup of dirt or oil.

Check the alignment of the pads: Make sure the pads are correctly aligned within the brake caliper. They should be parallel to the rim and not tilted or skewed in any way.

Check the rim condition: Make sure the rim is clean, true (straight) and free of any dents. If the rim is out of true or has dents, the brake pads will contact unevenly and that can cause squeaking.

Inspect the brake system for any loose or damaged parts and replace them if necessary. Even the smallest adjustments can have make a big difference when it comes to your brakes noise.

Typically if you are running a softer brake pad (clear or coloured generally) this will cause more sound when braking. These optimise performance however if you can't deal with the sound they make- switch to a harder compound of brake pad (typically black depending on the brand) They will usually have a lesser braking performance but they will usually result in quieter braking.