12 Inch bikes

Getting your Kids into BMX can be the best decision you ever make as a parent, but choosing the right BMX bike it’s as easy. For the kids 1-4 yrs that are showing some interest in things other than putting stuff in their mouth, you have the 12inch balance bikes and BMX bikes. These bikes have made dramatic improvements using parts from 20” BMX bikes these little bikes are truly incredible and have made the transition from walking to riding seamless. Since this bike is built to improve balance it’s important that the child’s feet can touch the ground when sitting over the bike. The next thing to look at is the distance between the handlebars and the rider’s chest. If the rider is unable to comfortably hold the bars because they are too far away then the bike is too big (or) may need to have the bars adjusted. This distance will make riding the bike easier or more difficult depending on the length of the rider’s arms and how much pull the rider can make on the bars.