14 Inch Bikes

The next step up from the 12inch Balance Bike is the 14inch BMX bike. These bikes are designed to fit children that stand between 90-130cm tall. These bikes are kitted out with Alloy frames and bridge from the 12inch to the substantially taller 16-inch bike nicely. 14 inch BMX bikes offer children a bike slightly bigger, heavier and more durable than the 12inch. These 14-inch bikes are perfect to start learning tricks and becoming more confident on larger ramps. Thankfully in 2020 Buying a 14inch BMX bike doesn’t have to be so hard with many companies including Kink, DK and many more starting to offer 14inch bikes for our younger generation. These 14ich BMX bikes pack a high quality, ready to ride a complete bike that will allow your child to comfortably learn to ride their BMX Bike safely and comfortably.