22 Inch & Above.

For the taller rider that has had enough of a sore lower back and trying to locate the longest BMX frames available are the 22-inch and 24-inch options. These Bikes are built for both cruising but can handle the regular abuse of BMX. 22Inch bikes are built for riders 170+cm and offer high-quality parts throughout the array of completes that are available in 2020. This bike is longer and therefore requires more reach, 22-inch BMX bikes are obviously a little heavier, this needs to be considered when purchasing a 22inch since they can be more difficult to do tricks on. Similarly, the 24-inch Bikes offer a more comfortable, commuter style bike while still keeping the essence of BMX in the design. With current graphics and BMX parts throughout, these cruisers are built for just about anything and suit best to the riders that stand over 170cm tall.   

To sum all of this up, BMX bikes come in many shapes and sizes and choosing the right one for you (or someone else) can be the difference in having epic sessions and not really feeling comfortable on your new BMX BIKE. Finally, if you are unsure about the size of the bike you're about to buy, then pull into your local bike shop and ask the question.